OLYMPIC BANDY? – The decision is approaching!

A very exciting bandy season is coming soon. The crucial moment for bandy to be a future Olympic sport is approaching quickly. The decision will be taken no later than 2019. Will bandy become additional sport at the Winter Olympics in China 2022? An important opportunity for our campaign is already in early September this fall. "World Winter Expo" in Beijing is a very important opportunity for FIB to meet the Olympic decision makers.


FIB and bandysport is now FISU recognised sport!

Federation of International Bandy, FIB, has now been recognized by International University Sports Federation, FISU, as a FISU recognized sport. This opens up new possibilities for FIB and bandysport on it´s way to show great bandysport for the world. FIB is today recognized by IOC, member in ARISF and SportAccord and also recognized sport by FISU.

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Gunnar Fast - The Bandy Missionary

The Federation of International Bandy recognizes and honors Gunnar Fast, "The Bandy Missionary" for his supreme contribution to US Bandy and thus to the entire bandy world.

In December 1980 Gunnar was both a Captain in the Swedish Army and a Certified Bandy Instructor. When Gunnar arrived in Minnesota there were only four bandy nations, The Soviet Union, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Gunnar's mission was to make the US the fifth bandy nation. He was extraordinarily successful. Within one month of arriving in Minnesota Gunnar had converted over 100 hockey players into bandy players, formed a league with seven teams who then competed for the first US bandy championship. Gunnar then organized and coached the first US national team and brought them to Sweden in October 1981.

By the 1984-85 season Gunnar had expanded the US league to 24 teams competing in three divisions. He also continued to bring US teams to Sweden where they annually competed in the World Cup Ljusdal as well as against various Swedish elite teams. Gunnar then led the US National Team as they competed in the World Championships for the first time in Oslo 1985. Gunnar was the architect of US Bandy and was a positive influence on a generation of US bandy players. Not surprisingly, the US Championships, held every year since 1981, is named the Gunnar Cup in his honor. In 2014 Gunnar was among the initial inductees into the US Bandy Hall of Fame. There is no doubt that Gunnar Fast, through his contributions to US Bandy, also changed the bandy world, beginning the growth of bandy to the present number of 27 nations. Gunnar Fast is truly "The Bandy Missionary". 

Bandy World Cup Girls 17 November 3-5 2017

We invite you to the World Cup for Girls 17 in Vetlanda and Sapa Arena. Skiro AIK will host the Girls 17 World Cup and continue to build on the success from previous years. The goal is to give all participants and the world of bandy an unforgettable experience. 


FIB is on the Olympic Channel

The Olympic Channel just announced that it has reached agreement with the governing body for bandy to collaborate on content for the Olympic Channel


Annual Congress in Sandviken, Sweden on Jan 30 2017

Please find attached Due Call for FIB Annual Congress in Sandviken, Sweden, on January 30, 2017

Agenda | Annual Report 2015-2016 | Due Call for Annual Congress | FIB Congress Minutes 2016

FIB Registered Testing Pool, season 2017– 2018

aug 10, 2017 |

FIB Registered Testing Pool, season 2017– 2018


Camilla Johansson
Johanna Gustafsson
Frida Erlandsson

Olga Rodionova
Olga Bogdanova

Martine Døhlen Holm
Charlotte Marie Selbekk


David Pizzoni-Elfving
Martin Johansson
Adam Gilljam

Roman Chernykh
Yury Shardakov

Mikko Lukkarila
Tuomas Liukkonen 

2017 IOC - International Federation Development Programme

apr 26, 2017 |

The IOC is pleased to launch the 2017 IOC - International Federation Development Programme. 
The success of recent Olympic Games underscored the strength of the Olympic Movement and the continued attractiveness of the Olympic Games. With the role of sport in society more relevant than ever, strengthening the support for sport and athletes worldwide is a key commitment of Olympic Agenda 2020.

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World cup bandy webbsite 2017

Upcoming tournaments


World Cup, Men

Sandviken, SWEDEN,
12-15 October 2017


World Cup Women

Kungälv, SWEDEN,
27-29 October 2017


World Cup Veterans

Lappeenranta, FINLAND,
17-19 November 2017


Mini WC, Boys Y15

Bollnäs, SWEDEN
03-05 November 2017


WC, Girls Y17

Vetlanda, SWEDEN
03-05 November 2017


World Championship, Men Y21

Vetlanda, SWEDEN
08-10 Dec 2017


World Championship, Women

Chengdu, CHINA
11-14 Jan 2018


World Championship, Men

A-Group, Khabarovsk, Russia
28 Jan - 04 Feb 2018


World Championship, Men

B-Group, Harbin, China
28 Jan - 04 Feb 2018


World Championship, Boys Y19

Drammen, NORWAY
26-28 Jan 2018


World Championship, Boys Y17

Ulyanovsk, RUSSIA
09-11 Feb 2018


World Championship, Boys Y15

Minneapolis, USA
26-28 Jan 2018

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