Individual price holders in Russia 2018-2019

At a meeting held in the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, the Executive Committee of the Russian Bandy Federation approved the individual prize holders for the 2018/2019 season.

Yuri Vikulin – Most Valuable Player in Russia!

Most valuable player – Yury Vikulin, SKA Neftyanik

Most points for goals and assists – Maxim Ishkeldin, SKA Neftyanik, 96 points

Best scorer – Artem Bondarenko, SKA Neftyanik, 72 goals

Best newcomer – Dmitry Kuraev, Rodina

Best goalkeeper – Roman Chernykh, Yenisei

Best defender – Yuri Vikulin, SKA Neftyanik

Best midfielder – Maxim Ishkeldin, SKA Neftyanik

Best forward – Almaz Mirgazov, Yenisei

The Gentleman among players – Sergey Shaburov, Dynamo, Moscow

Most valuable player in the playoffs – Artyom Prokhorov, Ural Trubnik