Information and education

Prevention always starts with ourselves. If you have not already tested the Anti-Doping Quiz, do it now and find out how much you really know about the doping rules. This simple exercise may help you to find out how you can help both yourself and others.

To secure a doping-free bandy it is vital to target not only intentional but also unintentional doping. The latter requires basic information about the rules, to avoid any anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) by mistake. Prevention of intentional doping is rather about education and establishing a strong anti-doping culture, based on values and life-skills.


To assist further information and education, FIB recommends the excellent tools provided by WADA


E-learning may be a useful tool to offer an individual and a more structured approach to secure the desirable level of knowledge in different target groups.
The Anti-Doping e-learning platform (ADeL) is targeted towards athletes, coaches, doctors, administrators and other support persons


FIB recommends National Federations and Clubs to integrate ADeL (e-learning) as a natural part of their educations programs for players, coaches and other support persons.


Updated May 9, 2019