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Pools and Whereabouts

To maximize deterrence and detection, FIB’s testing program is based on risk assessment. Briefly, doping control planning is about testing the right athlete at the right time, using the right analysis methods to optimize deterrence and detection. To find athletes for testing for no advance notice testing, FIB is depending on accurate whereabouts information.

For this purpose, athletes are divided into different groups -Testing Pools – based on their competing level. FIB has established three separate pools with specific whereabouts rules for each pool.

FIB Testing Pool 1 (Registered Testing Pool)

The pool includes:

FIB Testing Pool 2 (Testing Pool)

The pool includes:

  • International-level athletes who is serving a period of at least 12 months ineligibility for an anti-doping rule violation.
  • Athletes included in FIB’s Testing Pool 3, for which the relevant National Federation has repeatedly failed to deliver required whereabouts information to FIB.

FIB Testing Pool 3 (other Pool)

The pool includes:

  • Male athletes from the four highest ranked senior National Teams (based on the latest World Championship).
  • Female athletes from the two highest ranked senior National Teams (based on the latest World Championship).

Whereabouts rules

Athletes covered by the pools above will receive detailed information about the whereabout reporting requirements directly from FIB or from his/her National Federation. Athletes will also be informed when they are no longer included in a Pool.


Updated March 11, 2022