Anti covid protocol for World Championship in Irkutsk!

The Organizing Committee of the Irkutsk World Championships October 11-17 has developed a comprehensive Anti Covid Protocol for the tournament.

The document is published here on the FIB Website so that everyone with an interest in the tournament can take part in the careful restrictions that will apply.

From FIB’s side, we are very happy and impressed with the complete, extensive and responsible work that the organizers in Irkutsk have carried out the planning of this security work.

The information is also sent to the federations of the participating nations and others who will be present during the championship.

The well-thought-out document contains, for example, a restriction that everyone who is present during the event, players, leaders, referees, media, officials and the audience must be fully vaccinated and be able to present vaccination certificates when the tournament begins to be given access to the arena, hotels and other spaces.