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Kuzbass Russian Champion!


The Russian men’s bandy final was a dramatic affair, exactly as the bronze match the day before. The teams followed each other. 3-2 in half time and the second half got extremely exciting and led to extra time and Golden Goal after 6-6 after ordinary time!

Photo: The Russian Bandy Federation

Simon Jansson, Kuzbass and Evgeny Gromnitskiy, Vodnik. Photo: The Russian Bandy Federation

1-0 (1.36) Artem Azarov, ass. Ruslan Tremaskin (corner shot), 2-0 (26) Artem Repyakh, ass. Nikita Ivanov (corner shot), 2-1 (32) Evgeny Dergaev (penalty stroke), 2-2 (33) Roman Ananyin, ass. Arseniy Kozlov, 3-2 (37) Alexander Egorychev (penalty stroke), 3-3 (58) Ilya Nasekin, ass. Danil Kuzmin, 4-3 (63) Vladislav Tarasov, 4-4 (65) Andrey Dolgikh, ass. Mikhail Shirshov, 4-5 (72) Evgeny Dergaev (penalty stroke), 5-5 (75) Alexander Egorychev, ass. Nikita Ivanov, 6-5 (80) Simon Jansson, ass. Nikita Ivanov (corner shot), 6-6 (88) Evgeny Dergaev, ass. Arseniy Kozlov.

In the extra time there was a decisive Golden Goal for Kuzbass, scored by Artem Repyakh, assisted by Artem Butenko in minute 109!

The final game was attended by 6,658 spectators – tickets for the final ran out at the box office a week before the final. Photo: The Russian Bandy Federation

Dynamo Moscow won the dramatic bronze game!

It was an extremely exciting match for the Russian bronze in Kemerovo when 2,633 spectators came to the Kuzbass Stadium to watch the game. In the end, it was Dynamo Moscow who emerged victorious against SKA Neftyanik. At half-time the score was 1-1 and when the final whistle sounded it was still a draw and 3-3. Extra time with Golden Goal decided the game. The lucky scorer for Dynamo Moscow was the 23 year old midfielder Yegor Ragulin who made the last goal in his first overtime game in his career.

Yegor Ragulin Bronze hero! Photo: Russian Bandy Federation.

The goals in the bronze game:
1-0 (3) Marat Sharipov, ass. Oleg Zemtsov, 1-1 (34) Kirill Devyatykh, ass. Alan Dzhusoev, 1-2 (47) Vladimir Kalanchin, ass. Dmitriy Anikin, 1-3 (48) Maxim Vasylenko, ass. Valery Ivkin, 2-3 (56) Egor Akhmanaev, ass. Marat Sharipov, 3-3 (63) Alexei Nichkov, ass. Yegor Akhmanaev, 4-3 (105) Yegor Ragulin, ass. Yegor Akhmanaev

-For us, this bronze is like gold, and maybe even more valuable at the moment,” admits the native Kemerovo resident immediately after the final whistle.
-We won after such a tough season, in which there were so many injuries, in such a tough match against a good opponent. We are happy to have won today, said Yegor Ragulin to the Russin Bandy Federation website.

Kuzbass beat SKA Neftyanik and Vodnik beat Dynamo Moscow in the second semifinal games.

The first semifinals were played last Monday, March 11 and the second Thursday, March 14. 

SKA Neftyanik-Kuzbass 3-4 in the first semifinal and Kuzbass-SKA Neftyanik 12-4 in the second game. Dynamo Moscow-Vodnik 4-5 in the first semifinal and Vodnik-Dynamo Moscow 8-2 in the second game.