About FIB

FIB was founded on February the 12th, 1955 by:

- The Finnish Bandy Federation (The Finnish Ball Association)
- The Norwegian Bandy Association
- The Russian Bandy Federation (The Soviet Union Bandy Association)
- The Swedish Bandy Association

The name was from 1957 “The International Bandy Federation.” At the Congress in Budapest/Hungary in 2001 the name was changed to “Federation of International Bandy” according to a request from IOC the same year, with reference to our approval as “recognized sport”. The acronym IBF was occupied.

The purposes of FIB are:

2.1 FIB in its activities completely shares and keeps in practice the principles and articles of the Olympic Charter including the policy with regard to anti-doping controls.

2.2 To promote an overall development of the bandy- and the rink-bandy sports within the member countries and to carry on propaganda for the sports’ importance and advantages; and to work for it to become an olympic sport.

2.3 FIB is independent autonomic mainsports organization which mainly is governing bandy activities all over the world.

2.4 To lead and to supervise the bandy and rink-bandy sports all over the world and to settle the rules for the games.

2.5 To entrust a national member association with the arrangement of an official world championship (WCS). At least 4 nations must participate.

2.6 To promote the introduction and the membership of new nations to FIB

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FIB History

The International Bandy Federation (FIB) was founded on February 12th, 1955 during the Congress in Stockholm by four founding countries:

- Norway
- Finland
- Sweden

Netherlands joined the FIB on February 22nd, 1973, the USA on February 11th, 1981, Canada on July 6th, 1983, Hungary on February 4th, 1989, Germany on January 29th, 1990 (in March of 1991 it voluntary left FIB), Russia on June 6, 1992 (as a successor of the USSR), Kazakhstan on February 6th, 1993, Belarus on February 5th, 1999, India, Mongolia and Estonia on July 5th, 2002, Italy on October 26, 2003, Kyrgyzstan on February 3rd, 2005, Latvia and Poland on January 31st, 2006, Australia, Switzerland, Serbia and Ireland on June 4, 2006.

The FIB Constitution was accepted in 1955.

The FIB goals are as following: to promote the overall development of bandy in various countries worldwide; to carry on propaganda for the sports importance and advantages; to set up international competitions, rules of the game, and rules for players behaviour on the ice; to arrange official world championships and other international events; to promote the introduction and the membership of new nations to FIB.



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Upcoming tournaments



World Championship, Men

A-Group, Khabarovsk, Russia
29 Jan - 04 Feb 2018
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World Championship, Men

B-Group, Harbin, China
28 Jan - 04 Feb 2018
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World Championship, Boys Y19

Drammen, NORWAY
26-28 Jan 2018


World Championship, Boys Y17

Ulyanovsk, RUSSIA
22-24 March 2018


World Championship, Boys Y15

Sweden (Arena decides later)
22-24 March 2018

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