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France and USA invited as hosts for Olympic Winter Games in 2030 and 2034!

The IOC Executive Board have today, November 29, invited the French Olympic Committee and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee into targeted dialogues towards hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2030 and 2034.

The IOC will now start more detailed discussions with the preferred hosts, the French Alps in 2030 and Salt Lake City, USA in 2034, led by their National Olympic Committees with the aim of awarding both editions at the 142nd IOC Session in July in Paris.

IOC EB also decided to invite Switzerland into “Privileged Dialogue” for the Olympic Winter Games 2038.

This decision by the IOC also means that Sweden is out of the possibility to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2030 as the Swedish project did not have all the elements required to be taken further at this stage.


FIB Delegation Meets IOC

Stein Pedersen, FIB President and Attila Adamfi, FIB General Secretary.

FIB delegation, Stein Pedersen, President, and Attila Adamfi, General Secretary and Vice President have met with Kit McConnell, IOC Sports Director, Irina Gladkikh, Associate Director, Winter and Recognised Sport and IF Relations, and Tania Tchea, Head of Recognised Federations and Organisations.

The meeting has taken place at the IOC Headquarters and the current situation of FIB and the different possibilities to include Bandy on the Winter Olympic Sports Programme has been discussed.

FIB delegation updated IOC on the developments and sound accomplishments that took place within the Federation and the sport in general in the last one year since the new leadership was elected. The report was greatly appreciated by the IOC as they haven’t had an in-person meeting with FIB delegates in the last years. In the second half of the meeting the main topic of discussion was the different possibilities, procedures, and timelines to include Bandy on the Olympic Programme.

Stein Pedersen, FIB President, after the meeting:
-Today we had a fruitful meeting with the IOC representatives who warmly welcomed us in the Olympic House and it was great opportunity to promote our beloved sport. 

Attila Adamfi, FIB General Secretary added:
-Today’s meeting was the first step in strengthening the partnership between the new leadership of FIB and the IOC and we will continue the dialogue in order to ensure the positive future of our sport.

Stein Pedersen, Pierre de Coubertin and Attila Adamfi.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

The father of modern games is the French Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863–1937). He drew inspiration from the sports competitions held in ancient Greece. In ancient times, athletic competitions were held all over Greece, but most were held in Olympia. The oldest list of Olympia competitions dates back to 776 f.Kr and there is evidence of at least 239 different competitions, which took place every four years for almost 1200 years. The competitions are also regarded as the first documented events in the Greek history.
Baron de Coubertin presented his concept at a congress held at the Sorbonne in Paris in June 1894, which today is considered the first Olympic Congress. On the last day of the congress, the participants decided that the first modern games would be held in Athens in 1896. To host the Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was created.









































FIB participated in IF Forum in Lausanne.

Hundreds of global sports leaders and industry experts gathered at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne for the three-day International Federation (IF) Forum which was held between 13-15 November 2023. FIB was represented by Mr. Attila Adamfi, Acting General Secretary and Vice President.

Before the start of the IF Forum, the Association of IOC Recognized International Sport Federations (ARISF) held its General Assembly, where the renewed Statutes were approved by the Members, and a new Strategic Plan was discussed.

The IF Forum was opened by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach who emphasized the importance of unity amongst the IFs and the sport and business community given an increasingly complex international landscape. Over the three days IF Forum, thematic sessions were offered to delegates on such important topics as strategies that have improved gender equity in sport, examples of how IFs have used technology to grow their audience and revenue as well as sustainability.

Among many other meetings with the representatives of the Olympic movement and global sport delegates, the General Secretary met WADA in order to discuss the next steps after the conclusion of the WADA Code Compliance procedures.

No World Championship for men and women in 2024.

There will be no World Championships 2024 for men and women. Unfortunately, FIB has to accept that the clubs and national associations that first showed interest in arranging the tournaments have later chosen not to do so. For this reason FIB has no organizers in 2024.

Now FIB have turned it’s focus on World Championships 2025 for both men and women. To start the process now gives FIB and the national member associations good conditions to create really good events in 2025. FIB Executive Committee will have a meeting next week and more information might be published after that.


New team’s are joining the World of Bandy. Italy has applied for membership in FIB and the USA Bandy League will have two new teams for the 2023-24 winter season.

In the top Elite Division, the Minnehaha Wolves will make their debut on November 19. Most of the Wolves players played on the D-1 champion Tsunami Ice team last season. They decided to make the jump to Elite under a new identity. They are managed by Andrew Bjorklund. Recent signings include former Gopher hockey player Darian Romanko.

In Division 1, the Twin City Lakers will fill the gap left by Tsunami. Lakers Manager Andrew Lamere has been busy gathering a combo of new and veteran skaters who are clearly excited and hoping to hit the ice at full speed at the Oval in a couple weeks.
Good luck to the Minnehaha Wolves and Twin City Lakers and FIB say Congratulations to the USA Bandy! FIB is of course also happy that our family of bandy around the world is growing.

Darian Romanko, Nick Kerbashian, Thomas Wyers and Spencer Lewin in the Minnehaha Wolves.

Successful FIB Development camp!

The first edition of FIB Development Camp gathered 17 players from five different countries in Stockholm during last weekend, November 3-5. Nations represented were Germany with 5 female players, Hungary with 3 male players, Netherlands with 2 female and 1 male player, Switzerland with 1 female and 4 male players and USA with 1 female player.

The camp started at Friday lunch with a training session on ice led by Swedish women’s national team coach, Olle Wiberg. The focus was on the basics of bandy. After a dinner, everyone watched the game Hammarby-Vetlanda in the Swedish men’s Elitserien.

The camp continued on Saturday with a morning theory session connected to the game from yesterday. Olle Wiberg once again led a training session on ice focusing on the basics of bandy. After some lunch, the bandy equipment manufacturer Kosa visited the camp and displayed the latest products and how to choose equipment. Saturday also had game observation on the schedule, as the participants had the chance to watch a game from the men’s Bandyallsvenskan (2nd league) between Tellus and Tillberga. The day finished with a theory session about the basics of defending and an on-ice session led by Gustav Mattsson (skills coach) focusing on individual skills. 

The final day started with a very early ice training led by Niklas Westblad, who works as an instructor and teacher at the Bandy High School in Stockholm, focusing on skating technique. Before everyone departed, a theory session about the basics of attacking in bandy was also held. The two participating goalies were drilled on the ice by Kristian Marosi, Hungarian national team coach, who also took charge of the theory session.

All participants left with big smiles and lots of knowledge to bring home to their respective countries.

FIB extends its appreciation to the organizer, Kristian Marosi for his outstanding work in professionally organising the FIB Development Camp.


This World Cup tournament for club teams was played Friday-Sunday, November 3-5 in Vetlanda, Sweden in Hydro Indoor Arena. Organizers were the Swedish Bandy Association and Skirö AIK. IFK Vänersborg from Sweden won the gold medals after a final victory against Ready Jenter from Norway 2-1 (0-0).

In the winning team played Freja Staf, Nellie Ottosson, Stina Holmberg Larsson, Smilla Svan, Elly Lundevall, Filippa Bogfors, Mathilda Frändberg, Tora Skagerlund, Ingrid Löwhagen, Wilma Larsson, Havanna Alm Fäldt, Tilde Ekvall, Vilma Roosberg, Hanna Hendén and Felicia Kullberg.


FIB Concludes WADA Code Compliance Procedures

As part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Code Compliance Monitoring Program, Signatories of the WADA Code were required to complete a Code Compliance Questionnaire (CCQ) starting in 2022. The purpose of the CCQ was to assess implementation of the 2021 Code and International Standards by Code Signatories with the goal to further strengthen and harmonize the global anti-doping system.

FIB, as a Tier 2 International Federation (WADA Signatory Tier System), received the CCQ in Q2 2022. After the completion of the CCQ, WADA issued a Corrective Action Report (CAR), where FIB was required to address some further non-conformities which were identified by WADA. By further enhancing the FIB anti-doping program, FIB created a plan for implementing those corrective actions.

As the result of the procedures put into place and following the review of the CAR related to the Code Compliance Questionnaire and the subsequent submissions addressing the relevant requirements, WADA has concluded that FIB has successfully addressed all corrective actions contained in the CAR.

Attila Adamfi

Attila Adamfi, FIB Vice President and Acting General Secretary concluded:
-I am extremely happy that we have successfully concluded the Code Compliance procedures. The new and enhanced Anti-Doping Program of FIB will further level the playing field and promote Clean Sport values. This naturally does not mean that we do not have to continue to improve our Anti-Doping Program, many actions will be implemented in the near future. I would like to thank WADA for their continuous support, and my colleagues for their hard work in ensuring that FIB remains WADA Code compliant.


This weekend FIB 2023 World Cup Girls Y17 for club teams is played in Vetlanda, Sweden at Hydro Indoor Arena. Organizers are the Swedish Bandy Association and Skirö AIK.

There will be 7 teams participating:

IFK Vänersborg, Surte/Kareby, Skirö AIK, Uppsala BoIS, Villa Lidköping BK and Västerås SK from Sweden and Ready Bandy from Norway.



Edsbyns IF won the final of FIB 2023 Mini World Cup for Boys Y16 in Bollnäs, Sweden today, Monday October 30. The Swedish team beat Norwegian Stabæk IF 5-2 (3-1) in the final game. Edsbyn  advanced to final after winning the B-group and won against Bollnäs GIF in the semifinal 7-1. Stabæk IF was second place in the B-group after Edsbyn. But the Norwegian team beat Villa Lidköping BK in the semifinal 5-3. Villa won the A-group with Bollnäs on second place.