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Time for 2024 Play True Day!

Play True Day 2024

The inspiration for Play True Day stems from a WADA-hosted Education Conference in 2013, which was attended by 17 South American countries. What started as a small South American initiative has grown into a huge global campaign, achieving a potential social media reach of 161 million worldwide and nearly 160,000 social media engagements in 2023. 

This year on 19 April 2024 we invite all bandy stakeholders to partake in the #OnePlayTrueTeam campaign, celebrating this great initiative on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

How to participate

The campaign is designed to include everyone that contributes to clean sport. Your #OnePlayTrueTeam can be made up of anybody that supports you and inspires you to Play True, from your sports team to your entourage to your friends to your colleagues. On 19 April, share photos and videos of your #OnePlayTrueTeam using the following branded visuals, all of which can be found in our Play True Day Assets

  • Branded frames that can be layered onto photo or video messages; 
  • #OnePlayTrueTeam crests that can be either printed or used digitally for various social media platforms;  
  • Profile picture filters for individuals that can be overlayed on an individual’s social media profile to show they are part of the #OnePlayTrueTeam; 
  • Profile icons for organizations’ social media that can replace the profile picture for the day to show they are part of the #OnePlayTrueTeam; and 
  • Various GIFs that are available to be added to Instagram Stories. These can be found by searching for ‘WADA’ or ‘Play True’ in GIF Stickers. 

Participants are also encouraged to: 

  • Innovate by creating personalized #OnePlayTrue Team visuals based on their specific country, language and/or sport; 
  • Use hashtags #OnePlayTrueTeam, #PlayTrue, and #PlayTrueDay in the lead-up to and on the day to extend the reach and impact of the campaign on social media; and 
  • Follow the campaign in real time via our dedicated Play True Day social media wall on WADA’s website. 

To facilitate your involvement, WADA created a comprehensive toolkit that will guide you through the different elements of this year’s Play True Day campaign. You can download the Play True Day Toolkit here

Please send us your pictures/videos by end of 18 April 2024 via email to

“The song of bandy” – Voices from a beloved sport!

Chris Middlebrook

Say the name Chris Middlebrook, and bandy experienced people get’s filled of respect and admiration for a man and a bandy career that meant so much to the development of the sport in his country, USA.

Now the USA Bandy luminary, author of “The Bandy Chronicles”, is currently writing a new book tentatively titled “The Song of Bandy”. The book will consist of stories about the magnificent sport of bandy, both on and off the ice, from its origins all the way through the present, from all across the bandy world and through the more than 200 years that bandy has been an organized sport. Stories about teams, clubs, countries,  individuals, epic games, first encounters, humor and humanity, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, etc, etc.

Who can tell those stories and who can deliver them? Many of you can do it! The people that have experienced the sport, with feelings that has grown for the love of your team, players, media representatives, photographers, volunteer officials who put in time for the big love of bandy and many others. If you have a story to tell, connect with Chris Middlebrook via email,, to tell him about stories that you think could or should be included in “The Song Of Bandy”.


Today, 4 April, FIB sent out the first Invitation to all member associations to an international tournament the coming season 2024-2025. It is the FIB 2024 Mini World Cup for Boys 16 that will be arranged in Bollnäs, Sweden, 1-3 November in SBB Indoor Arena. 

Reigning champions since last season is Edsbyns IF, Sweden. Edsbyn beat Norwegian Stabæk IF in the final 5-2 (2-1). The tournament invites boys born no earlier than 2009. A maximum of 10 teams will be welcomed in the tournament. All teams will play 4 games in the group stage and 1-2 games in the play offs or placement games.


Edsbyns IF winner 2023 – Photo: Klas Ström


FIB is pleased to reach out in the framework of the annual #WhiteCard campaign, on the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April, to join forces carrying a message of peace.
For over a decade, the international community have gathered around this symbol to celebrate sport’s power to foster peace and understanding between individuals, communities, and nations. In 2023, the digital #WhiteCard campaign reached over 180 million people on social media. As we navigate through challenging times, it is imperative to mobilize around a common stake: making sport for peace a priority.

This year, the Champions for Peace are uniting their voices to promote the building of more peaceful and inclusive societies through sport. For this reason, FIB would like to ask for your contribution in this meaningful campaign by

  • Showing your support:
    Send us a picture/s with your athlete and/or team raising a WhiteCard. Here is an example  for easier interpretation.

We kindly ask you to send us the picture by end of 5th April 2024 (This Friday) so we could share the campaign on
6 April together with the sporting community.

Let us speak our peace through a collective voice and a simple gesture, reaffirming our commitment to building a more peaceful world for generations to come!
Feel free to contact FIB on the email address below if you should you have any questions.

Please send your pictures to

Push this link to learn more about the campaign!




Time for 18th SportAccord Convention!

Birmingham, England will be the host city for the 18th edition of the world’s premier networking event for sport, the SportAccord Convention. 

SportAccord convention reunites more than 2,500 sports representatives and 100 sports federations from around the globe. It’s the ultimate event for anyone involved in the sports business since it enables global business leaders and host cities to connect with International Federations and their stakeholders, all under one roof.

ARISF (Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations) is one of the key stakeholders of SportAccord, it will be present at the 18th edition, not just as an attendee, but as a proactive contributor hosting workshops and meetings.

ARISF Executive Board Meeting
ARISF will hold it’s Executive Board meeting, chaired by it’s president Raffaele Chiulli. With the boards collective expertise and strategic vision, this meeting is the foundation for ARISF’s continued growth and influence.

ARISF Sustainability Workshop
In the first workshop, sustainability will take the spotlight. On the one hand, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing service for online businesses will bring to the table its expertise. On the other hand, the Green Future Project is a growing social start-up with sustainable initiatives all around the world and in different domains such as renewable energy, restoration, and preservation.

ARISF/WADA Clean Sport Workshop
The second workshop of the day will be presented by the World-Anti-Doping-Agency (WADA) investigating the imperative of maintaining clean sports environments. WADA’s mission is to contribute to integrity in sport by providing a doping-free sports environment to all athletes. The key topics of this workshop will be education.
ARISF Executive Board & IOC Meeting
The day will continue with a significant official meeting involving the ARISF Executive Board and top Officials from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Due to the close collaboration between ARISF and the IOC to ensure the growth of recognised members, the discussion will focus on strategic matters that aim to benefit the entire sport ecosystem.
ARISF/IPACS Good Governance Workshop
ARISF will hold another workshop in collaboration with the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport (IPACS), showcasing a workshop aimed at fostering integrity, accountability, and transparency within the sports domain by introducing the 50 recommendations that are at the base of the sport governance benchmark already implemented within ASOIF. IPACS brings together sports organisations, governments, and other relevant stakeholder in order to promote a culture of good governance in sport.

News from FIB Executive Committee!

FIB held an Executive Committee (EC) meeting on 25 March to discuss several important topics related to the organization . The main focus of the meeting was the allocation of FIB 2025 World Championships (Men & Women) and finalization of the date and place of this year’s FIB Congress and Elections.

After continuous discussion with the Swedish Bandy Federation (SBF), the FIB EC approved to host the FIB 2025 World Championships for both Men and Women. The competition will be held between 25-30 March 2025 in Lidköping and will be organized by Villa Lidköping BK and SBF. Sweden will also host the B World Championships for men, however dates, host city and organizing club are still to be decided. Sweden will also organize the FIB 2025 World Championships Boys 17 and Boys 19.

The FIB EC unanimously approved to hold the FIB Congress and Election on 8 June 2024 in Stockholm (Arlanda Airport). Once the details on accommodation will be finalized Member Associations will be notified accordingly. 

On different topic’s, in order to honor the sport’s most prominent individuals, FIB EC decided to establish the FIB Hall of Fame. The EC also appointed the 3rd member to the FIB Disciplinary Committee, therefore the Committee is now completed and can start its work.

In order to support greater transparency in FIB’s operation, the EC Minutes are always published after approval under the Executive Committee.

FIB World Championship 2025 in Sweden!

The Federation of International Bandy announces today that Sweden will host the Bandy World Championships in 2025 for both women and men. The Swedish Bandy Federation has written a letter of intent with the bandy club Villa Lidköping BK regarding co-hosting the event. The championships will be hosted from March 25 to March 30 in 2025.

Sweden will once again host a double championship where women and men compete on the same ice.

Gisela Stockhaus

-It’s incredibly exciting to announce this news. International bandy needs a strong driving force, and once again we show that Swedish bandy is that engine. We are really looking forward to hosting a World Championship where women and men compete in the same arena and on equal terms, says Gisela Stockhaus, Chairman of the Swedish Bandy Federation.

The most recent World Championships were held in 2023 in Åby outside Växjö, and Sweden is the reigning World Champion on both the Women’s and Men’s side.

-It is my honour to announce Lidköping as the host city for the 2025 FIB World Championships for both men and women. Just like Sweden on the global stage, Lidköping with Villa Lidköping Bandy Club is the powerhouse in Sweden, having won both men and women Swedish Finals last week.

Stein Pedersen

We are both happy and proud to return to Sweden that promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike, showcasing the best of bandy, added Stein Pedersen, President of the Federation of International Bandy.

Ready to take on the challenge!

The last time a World Championship was played in Lidköping was in 2022, when the U17 World Championship was held in Sparbanken Lidköping Arena, with Lidköpings AIK as co-organizer. This time, it is Villa Lidköping BK who intends to be a co-organizer and is already in the starting blocks with planning for the championship.

-Villa Lidköping BK is proud of the letter of intent that we share with the Swedish Bandy Federation regarding the organization of the Bandy World Championship. This intent is a clear expression of our shared desire to promote and develop bandy to new heights. Together, we strive to work hard to create an event that engages and inspires people from Sweden and the rest of the world. We look forward to welcoming participants and supporters to Lidköping and Sparbanken Lidköping Arena,’ says Per Alexanderson, Chairman of Villa Lidköping BK.

According to the decision of the Federation of International Bandy (FIB), Sweden will also host the B World Championships for men. Decisions regarding dates, host city, and organizing club will be made in the coming months.


Bandy in Las Vegas??? Yes!

Will bandy in Las Vegas be a Jackpot for our sport?

After several years of planning, the world’s first bandy tournament in Las Vegas will soon go from a desert mirage to an earth-shaking reality. The “Las Vegas Invitational Rink Bandy Tournament” will be held June 5-8 at the new America First Arena. The arena is owned by the NHL-club Vegas Golden Knights. The masterminds of “Las Vegas Invitational” are two USA Bandy legends. There was no better way to promote the sport of bandy, thought Chris Halden and Tom Howard and made the idea come true. To host a tourney in Vegas, the entertainment capital of the entire world sounds a little bit crazy.

But this unique, historic tourney has already attracted some of the top players from around the world. The tournament will feature 5 rink bandy teams from the USA, Sweden and Norway.

Even if the players are or have been bandy stars in their homeland, the teams are new and have been given names for the special event:
Krunehof Tellus C 🇸🇪
This Swedish team will feature Swedish bandy legends as Hasse Johansson and Pelle Einarsson in their line-up.

KOSA Arc Warriors 🇸🇪
This second Swedish team’s managers Anton Axellie and Tom Howard have indicated they also plan to bring some of the top players in Sweden.
Norwegian Vikings 🇳🇴
This squad is led by veteran Peter Haug of Ready and the dynamic John Anderson who have assembled a solid squad of top Norwegian players that includes Felix Callander and Fredrik Nordby.
Minnesota Legends 🇺🇸 and Atomic Steel USA🇺🇸
These two USA teams will be a mix of well known current and former Team USA players including Mike Lickteig, Greg Olson and Andrew Knutson.
As they say “the house always wins in Vegas”. But in this case it is safe to say that everyone and the sport of bandy will be leaving Vegas this time as a true winner. 

Sweden won the 4-nations for women!

Sweden get the 4-nations trophy! Photo: Gert Holmér.

Sweden won the 4-nations tournament for women in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 21-23 in Ruddalens Indoor Arena, Gothenburg.

Finland, Norway, USA and Sweden met in single matches and Sweden won all of the games. Especially the last game against USA was a really exciting one. USA stood up very well against the reigning World Champions, at least during the first half. USA was also in the lead two times with 1-0 and 2-1.

USA will be a very interesting participant in the next World Championship for women if the USA development continues as it has done so far.

Sweden won the tournament of a maximum of 6 points, Norway 4 points, USA 2 points and Finland 0 point. Results and final table below.

Sweden-Finland. Photo: Gert Holmér.

The most exciting participation was the USA womens team. Third place in the tournament and games that promise nice things for the future.

Happy USA team even after a 2-8 loss against the Swedish youth 21 team. But it was just a warming up event…


THURSDAY                                                                         FINAL TABLE
Finland-USA 3-4 (1-3)
Sweden-Norway 7-1 (3-0)

Norway-USA 6-2 (4-1)
Sweden-Finland 6-1 (4-1)

Norway-Finland 5-2 (2-1)
Sweden-USA 7-2 (2-2)


Kuzbass Russian Champion!


The Russian men’s bandy final was a dramatic affair, exactly as the bronze match the day before. The teams followed each other. 3-2 in half time and the second half got extremely exciting and led to extra time and Golden Goal after 6-6 after ordinary time!

Photo: The Russian Bandy Federation

Simon Jansson, Kuzbass and Evgeny Gromnitskiy, Vodnik. Photo: The Russian Bandy Federation

1-0 (1.36) Artem Azarov, ass. Ruslan Tremaskin (corner shot), 2-0 (26) Artem Repyakh, ass. Nikita Ivanov (corner shot), 2-1 (32) Evgeny Dergaev (penalty stroke), 2-2 (33) Roman Ananyin, ass. Arseniy Kozlov, 3-2 (37) Alexander Egorychev (penalty stroke), 3-3 (58) Ilya Nasekin, ass. Danil Kuzmin, 4-3 (63) Vladislav Tarasov, 4-4 (65) Andrey Dolgikh, ass. Mikhail Shirshov, 4-5 (72) Evgeny Dergaev (penalty stroke), 5-5 (75) Alexander Egorychev, ass. Nikita Ivanov, 6-5 (80) Simon Jansson, ass. Nikita Ivanov (corner shot), 6-6 (88) Evgeny Dergaev, ass. Arseniy Kozlov.

In the extra time there was a decisive Golden Goal for Kuzbass, scored by Artem Repyakh, assisted by Artem Butenko in minute 109!

The final game was attended by 6,658 spectators – tickets for the final ran out at the box office a week before the final. Photo: The Russian Bandy Federation

Dynamo Moscow won the dramatic bronze game!

It was an extremely exciting match for the Russian bronze in Kemerovo when 2,633 spectators came to the Kuzbass Stadium to watch the game. In the end, it was Dynamo Moscow who emerged victorious against SKA Neftyanik. At half-time the score was 1-1 and when the final whistle sounded it was still a draw and 3-3. Extra time with Golden Goal decided the game. The lucky scorer for Dynamo Moscow was the 23 year old midfielder Yegor Ragulin who made the last goal in his first overtime game in his career.

Yegor Ragulin Bronze hero! Photo: Russian Bandy Federation.

The goals in the bronze game:
1-0 (3) Marat Sharipov, ass. Oleg Zemtsov, 1-1 (34) Kirill Devyatykh, ass. Alan Dzhusoev, 1-2 (47) Vladimir Kalanchin, ass. Dmitriy Anikin, 1-3 (48) Maxim Vasylenko, ass. Valery Ivkin, 2-3 (56) Egor Akhmanaev, ass. Marat Sharipov, 3-3 (63) Alexei Nichkov, ass. Yegor Akhmanaev, 4-3 (105) Yegor Ragulin, ass. Yegor Akhmanaev

-For us, this bronze is like gold, and maybe even more valuable at the moment,” admits the native Kemerovo resident immediately after the final whistle.
-We won after such a tough season, in which there were so many injuries, in such a tough match against a good opponent. We are happy to have won today, said Yegor Ragulin to the Russin Bandy Federation website.

Kuzbass beat SKA Neftyanik and Vodnik beat Dynamo Moscow in the second semifinal games.

The first semifinals were played last Monday, March 11 and the second Thursday, March 14. 

SKA Neftyanik-Kuzbass 3-4 in the first semifinal and Kuzbass-SKA Neftyanik 12-4 in the second game. Dynamo Moscow-Vodnik 4-5 in the first semifinal and Vodnik-Dynamo Moscow 8-2 in the second game.