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It was an enthusiastic team from Great Britain that left the FIB World Championship Women in Sweden. The tournament is the first in which the female GB team and Netherlands team participated and it was an immediate success for both teams. Great Britain reached the final of Group B and met the Netherlands. The final was exciting and very tight and was first decided with Golden Goal in favor of the Dutch team. Thus. We really hope both teams will show up in World Championships next time

Before returning home, Claire Ledbury was interviewed live by Dotty McLeod on Radio Cambridgeshire.

Listen to the interview here!




Sweden defended the championship title for women when the final of the 2022 World Championship was decided on Sunday, March 27. Sweden defeated Norway, which played in the championship final for the first time. In the end, the victory was quite big for the host nation, 12-0 after 6-0 at half time.

Several teams have developed a lot in recent years. Norway and the United States impressed most. The Netherlands and Great Britain also made an exciting championship debut in the Group B. This development means that the upcoming world championships will be very interesting. Of course, Russia’s absence this year meant that it did not become a traditional final in this year’s tournament.

The Finnish team won the bronze medals after a convincing victory against the USA with 5-2 (2-1) in the match for third prize.

The goals in the final:
1-0 (17) Matilda Svenler (assist Emelie Åkerlund), 2-0 (22) Tilda Ström (ass Moa Friman), 3-0 (26) Tilda Ström (ass Sanna Gustafsson), 4-0 (27) Moa Friman (ass Ida Friman), 5-0 (38) Tilda Ström (ass Lisa Östman), 6-0 (43) Tilda Ström (ass Sanna Gustafsson), 7-0 (59) Tilda Ström, 8-0 (71) Mathilda Eklund (ass Ida Friman), 9-0 (77) Emelie Åkerlund (ass Matilda Svenler), 10-0 (85) Ida Friman (ass Emelie Åkerlund), 11-0 (90) Emma Ahlander (ass Emelie Åkerlund) and 12-0 (92) Emelie Åkerlund


In Group B of the World Championships, it was the Netherlands who won the tournament after a very well-conducted tournament. It was a brilliant debut as it was the first time the Netherlands participated in the World Championshipös. The team won 4 games out of 5. A very good performance and a great victory. In the final, the Netherlands won against the newcomer Great Britain by deciding in extra time Golden Goal by scoring the only goal of the match. Happy goal scorer was Meinke Gommans.

Head coach Michael Bratt and Captain Iris Hesen. The team of Netherlands praised the head coach Michael Bratt for a successful week.


It was Finland who won the bronze when the match for the third prize was played in the women’s World Championship in Sweden on Sunday March 27. USA has done a very good tournament and the team has grown a lot in recent years. In the bronze match, however, the Finnish girls were too strong and won the match for third prize 5-2 after 2-1 at half time.

The goals in the bronze match:
1-0 Linda Lohiniva, 1-1 Amy Stech, 2-1 Susanna Simola, 3-1 Susanna Simola, 3-2 Amy Stech, 4-2 Linda Lohiniva and 5-2 Susanna Simola.

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Now all participating teams are registered and ready for the upcoming World Championships. The tournaments we have ahead of us are:

  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MEN GROUP A – Syktyvkar, Russia – March 27-April 3
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WOMEN – Åby, Sweden – March 23-27
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Y17 GIRLS – Lidköping – March 11-13
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Y17 BOYS – Kemerovo, Russia – March 24-26
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Y19 BOYS – Katrineholm, Sweden – April 1-4

Read more about the tournaments on each Tournament site from the Menu “TOURNAMENTS SEASON 2021-2022”


On Wednesday, January 19, FIB sent out invitations to the various World Championships to be held during March and April. The registration period expires on Thursday, January 27 for all tournaments. The invitations have been sent out to the national federations that usually participate in the respective championships. If your federation wants to participate in any of the tournaments, you are welcome to register a team.

Below you see all the invitations where your national federation can register teams. If you want to register a team, this can be done by email to FIB General Secretary Bo Nyman –






World Championship women in Åby!

Now the venue for the women’s World Championships in Sweden is decided. The venue will be Åby, which is a small community north of Växjö in Sweden but with its own indoor arena. The tournament was actually planned to play in January in Stockholm but for various reasons it was moved and will now be played March 23-27 in small Åby.

Eriksson Arena

Eriksson Ice Arena is a newly built bandy arena in Åby, the small community located north of Växjö in southern Sweden about 400 kilometers south of Stockholm. The arena was completed in 2019 and Åby/Tjureda, which is a team in the Bandyallsvenskan that is the Swedish second division, normally plays there.
Sweden is the reigning world champion but there are several other teams that certainly want to change that.

4-nation tournament canceled!

The Swedish Bandy Federation has decided not to arrange the 4-nation tournament for national teams that would have been played on January 21-23 in Sweden. The decision was submitted to FIB only one week after the federations’s chairman Per-Anders Gustavsson informed FIB that the 4-nation tournament will be held. The reason now stated is the spread of infection in Sweden. Federation of International Bandy is therefore forced to state that the tournament is not carried out as planned.

There is a well-known conflict of interest within the Swedish Bandy Federation between what is best for the Swedish national Elitserien and the federation’s international commitments. Many league matches have been postponed and the number of reserve days is decreasing. League manager Per Selin has earlier stated that the weekend that was set aside for the 4-nation tournament should instead be used for games in Elitserien

The 4-nation tournament is unfortunately the second tournament to be changed in Sweden at the last minute. Previously, the World Championship for women could not be carried out as planned and has therefore been moved to later in the season. A decision on the venue will be made after the coming weekend.

Sweden has also decided not to participate in the World Championship for Men Y21 which is planned to be played in Jyväskylä, Finland, on January 21-23. The reason is also said here to be the spread of infection in Sweden and not based on the infection situation at the place where the tournament is to be played, in Jyväskylä, Finland.

All FIB-sanctioned tournaments this season are arranged based on clear covid guidelines that FIB has worked out so that each tournament is arranged with the greatest certainty for all participants.


Due to various causes, usually covid pandemic, some upcoming tournaments have new dates. To provide clarity, we summarize the upcoming tournaments here. If you click on any of the World Championships tournament you will come to the main page of that tournament and can read more.


This championship would have been played in Irkutsk, Russia already in 2020 but has been postponed twice due to the pandemic and will now be played in Irkutsk October 9-16 2022.

The championship would have been played the last spring in Syktyvkar. Instead, Group B will be played March 8-13 and Group A March 27-April 3 in 2022. Both tournaments will be decided in Syktyvkar, Russia.

WOMEN 2022
The tournament has been moved from January and will be played March 23-27 2022. The venue will be decided later. 

MEN Y21 2022
The tournament will be held as planned in Jyväskylä, Finland January 21-23 2022.

BOYS Y19 2022
The tournament has been moved from January to April 2022. The date is April 1-3 and the venue is Katrineholm in Sweden.

BOYS Y17 2022
The championship was scheduled for January but has been moved to March 24-26 but the venue is still Kemerovo, Russia.

GIRLS Y17 2022
The tournament is played in Lidköping, Sweden but has been moved from January to March 11-13 2022.


WORLD CUP WOMAN 2021 and GIRLS Y17 2021 has been canceled.

WORLD CUP MEN has been canceled since the last World Cup in Sandviken, Sweden 2019. The next tournament will be played in Krasnoyarsk, Russia in December 2022.

WORLD CUP VETERANS will be played in Arkhangelsk, Russia March 24-26, 2022.


Next 4-nations tournament will be held in Nässjö, Sweden January 21-23, 2022.



The Women’s World Championship was scheduled to take place January 10-16 in Stockholm and the first world championship for women to be played indoors in the newly built Gubbängen Bandy Arena. The Swedish Bandy Federation has now informed the Federation of International Bandy that they are unable to carry out the event.

Pär Gustafsson is General Secretary of the Swedish Bandy Federation and is very disappointed that the tournament can not be carried out as planned.

-It is postponed because we are without an organizer. The Stockholm District has decided that they will not host the Women’s World Championship in January. We have not been allowed to be part of the process until this decision, but received a ready-made decision for us, says Pär Gustafsson to the Swedish bandy site Bandypuls.

The covid situation is also said to have been recorded, even though Pär Gustafsson believes that it has been entirely possible to carry out the tournament.

When FIB got to take part in the decision from the Swedish Bandy Federation, FIB has agreed to move the women’s world championships to later this season. The tournament will now be played the last week of March with the World Championship final on March 27. The plan is that the tournament will still be held in Sweden, but the venue will be decided later, but not in Stockholm.

World Championship Y17 Boys moves to March!

The World Championship for Y17 Boys to be decided this season will be played later than previously planned. The FIB Technical Committee decided today (November 24) to move the tournament to March 24-26 at the request of the Russian Bandy Federation. The tournament was previously planned to be played in January, but due to the current covid situation in Russia, the decision was made to move the tournament to March.