Russia World Champion Boys Y17!

Russia became World Champion for Boys Y17 in Lidköping, Sweden. In the final, Russia won by 7-2 against Sweden. It was very well deserved guys from Russia who won the final. The team dominated the match from start to finish and Sweden never came close. Russia continued its offensive play throughout the match and it never gave the Swedish team any chance to take control of the game.

0-1 (02) Vladislav Fedorenko, assist Mikhail Shirshov
1-1 (19) Rasmus Skarps, assist Ludde Bjernulf
1-2 (22) Artur Shelpaikov. assist Mikhail Shirshov
1-3 (41) Andrei Busygin, assist Ivan Brovkin
1-4 (51) Ivan Kondratev
1-5 (52) Ivan Kondratev, assist Vladislav Fedorenko
2-5 (62) Vladimir In-Fa-Lin, assist Måns Racov
2-6 (69) Andrei Busygin, assist Vladislav Fedorenko
2-7 (78) Vladimir Mikhalchenko, assist Mikhail Shirshov

Best players
Mikhail Shirshov, Russia and Vladimir In-Fa-Lin, Sweden


Photo: Olle Modin


The decision is made by Federation of International Bandy and the Swedish Bandy Federation that The World Championship Boys 17 in 2020 will be held in Sparbanken Lidköping Arena in Lidköping, Sweden. The tournament will be played March 13-15. The tournament will be organized by Lidköpings AIK, one of the bandy clubs in the town.

This is the first time that an international championship is being held in Lidköping.

Sparbanken Lidköping Arena