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FIB-decisions regarding upcoming international tournaments!

Today, Monday August 30, the FIB Executive Committee had an extra meeting per capsulam and then made decisions regarding FIB-sanctioned international tournaments. One of the decisions concerned the World Championship for the men’s A-group that was planned to be played in Irkutsk in October this year will be moved to October 2022. The tournament will still be played in Ice Palace Baikal in Irkutsk.

At the EC meeting, it was also decided that no FIB-sanctioned international tournaments will be played in the coming season until December 31. Invitation to the tournaments that will be played in 2022 will be sent out to the national member federations in September.

Every participant in these tournaments as players, leaders, referees and officials must be fully vaccinated against covid infection and hold vaccination certificates accordingly.

Proposal for the world championship in Irkutsk!

On August 28, 2021, a meeting was held with the participation of the presidents of the Russian National Federation, the Swedish National Federation and the Finnish National Federation on the occasion of the current dropouts from the World Championship tournament in Irkutsk in October this year.

At the meeting, it was agreed to submit a proposal to be presented to the FIB Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee in Irkutsk. In the proposal, the three national federation presidents proposed that the World Championship 2020 instead should be played in October 2022, still in Irkutsk.

A decision on the matter will be made by the FIB Executive Committee shortly.

The three presidents also plan to have a joint meeting in the future to discuss how the international bandy community can best develop its readiness to work with and handle similar situations as the current covid pandemic.


The Federation of International Bandy has now decided to hold this year’s World Championship for the 8 best bandy nations in the World in Irkutsk, Russia, October 5-11.

The tournament was postponed this spring due to the corona pandemic but will now be played where the spring tournament would have been decided. In the new Ice Palace Baikal in Irkutsk, Russia.

Russia is the reigning champion after the final win against Sweden in Vänersborg, Sweden in 2019. Then the final went to sudden death and Russia won 6-5 after goal by Almaz Mirgazov.

In this fall’s A-tournament the 8 teams that would have played in the spring will participate. They are divided into two pools. In Pool A plays Finland, Kazakhstan, Sweden and Russia and in pool B Estonia, Germany, Norway and USA.

The two best placed teams in pool B face the two worst placed teams in pool A about two places in the semi-finals. The two best teams in pool A go straight to the semi-finals. The final will be played on Sunday, October 11.

Ice Palace Baikal, Irkutsk

Approvals for World Cup men and World Championship 2022!

FIB Technical Committee has approved that the World Cup for men’s club teams will be played in Russia this coming season. As a way to further develop the tournament, it will be played alternately in Russia and Sweden every two years.

World Cup has been organized for many years and played in Sweden. Several games were also played at night when it was held in Ljusdal. Due to too warm weather, the tournament was moved to Göransson indoor arena in Sandviken in 2009.

Russian, Swedish and Finnish teams have won the tournament over the years. The latest champion team is Bollnäs GIF from Sweden who won in Sandviken in October 2019.

The new order for the cup to be played every two years in Russia and Sweden will start with the tournament being played in Russia this coming season. The date of the tournament is not yet decided.

FIB Technical Committee has also approved that the World Championship for Men 2022 will be played in Russia.

World Championship moves to October!

FIB has today, March 11, decided to move the World Championship Group A, which would have been played in Irkutsk, Russia March 29-April 5. Instead, the tournament will be played in October this year at the same venue, the newly built “Ice Palace Baikal” in Irkutsk, Russia. 

There is an uncertain situation around the world due to the corona virus and it has caused many people’s concerns about travel and to have cross-border contacts. There are a few weeks left to the World Championship tournament and FIB wants to make the decision now to ensure the completion of the tournament and to calm the concerns of the participating teams as the spread of the virus has created.   

FIB President, Boris Skrynnik

Mr Boris Skrynnik is President of The Federation of International Bandy, FIB:

We do not want to take a chance with the World Championship. It maybe not would be carried out in the best way right now. We have already received the message from Kazakhstan not to participate, and we know that there are also concerns among other teams to travel far and socialize in large crowds. With this decision we will be able to conduct a good and fair World Championship tournament in Irkutsk, with the best conditions and with all the best teams. We want organizers as well as participating teams and supporters to have a World Championship that does not have the disruptive momentum that the corona virus is spreading right now. We think it is the best decision for everybody and for the sport of bandy.

The exact date for the World Championship in October is not yet decided. The next World Championship in the spring of year 2021 will take place as planned in Syktyvkar, Russia.

FIB President on the development on bandy!

Boris Skrynnik, FIB President

The Federation of International Bandy is in a very active and exciting period. We recently experienced Women’s World Championships in Oslo. Right now the World Championship Group B for men is in progress, the play offs in the national leagues have started and soon the World Championship Group A is played with the World’s best bandy teams in Irkutsk in Russia.

What could be more relevant than asking FIB President, Mr. Boris Skrynnik, how he views the development of FIB and the sport of bandy in the world.

Read the full interview here!

Putin sent greetings to all participants and guests in Irkutsk!

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a greeting to the participants and guests of the World Championships in Bandy!

(As you know, in Russia the sport is called ball hockey)


Russian President Vladimir Putin

“Dear friends!

I greet you and congratulate you on the opening of the 40th men’s world hockey championship.

It is gratifying that every year ball hockey draws into its orbit an increasing number of participants and fans of this wonderful sport. Such significant success is the result of consistent, responsible work of the International and National Federations.

And of course, an important role in the development and promotion of Russian hockey is played by our country, which regularly hosts world championships, strives to hold them at the highest level, to acquaint guests with different cities and regions of Russia.

This tournament will be held in one of the largest centers of Siberia – Irkutsk. I am sure that the organizers did everything to make it a real holiday for hockey players and numerous fans of this spectacular winter sports game, remembered by the bright moments of victories and triumphs.

Wish you all the best”.


Ice Palace Baikal

All the work with building the new Bandy Palace in Irkutsk is being carried out on schedule , there are no critical lags. Installation of sports lighting, multimedia systems is nearing completion and in the near future, builders will be ready to begin training personnel for the new sports facility. Everything goes to the fact that on March 18 the palace will be ready to hold bandy competitions. Today, 1107 people work at the facility, and in the near future the number will increase to 1200.

This means that the new arena in Irkutsk is now waiting for all players, audiences, media, officials and lots of fans!



Federation of lnternational Bandy will have it’s Annual Congress during World Championship for Men, A-group, in lrkutsk, Russia. World Championship for Men, A-Group, will be held during March 29 – April 05, 2020. The Annual Congress will be on Thursday, April 02, 2020 in lrkutsk. The Due Call will be sent out 30 days before Congress and include place, time, Agenda and Enclosures.

Here you can read the notice for the congress from General Secretary Bo Nyman.


Journalists and photographers who wants to cover the World Championships for Men in Irkutsk has to apply for accreditation. You can do that via this link to the organizers in Irkutsk. NOTE – Apply for accreditations for Group B are accepted until February 14 and for Group A until March 13.

Apply here for accreditation!