Play offs in the best leagues right now!

Jenisej and Neftyanik will meet in the Russian National Final on Sunday, March 25. Jenisej defeated Kuzbass in 3 matches, 13-4, 7-3 and 7-2. The third matches in the semifinals were played Friday, March 16. Neftyanik defeated Baikal Energi also in 3 matches, 12-1, 8-3 and 4-3. The Russian Final will be held in Erofei Arena in Khabarovsk.  

Edsbyn defended their swedish title in the final against Sandviken. Edsbyn won 4-0 on Studenternas Arena in Uppsala and they defended their title from 2017. Skutskär became a sensational Swedish champion for ladies through a surprising victory against AIK in the final. 3 goals to 2 for Skutskär. The Ladies' final also received a large audience record with 5198 spectators at Studenternas Arena in Uppsala this Saturday, March 17. Edsbyn and Skutskär are Swedish Champions 2018.

Finnish highest league has played the finals. Veiterä is Finnish Champion after victory against Kamppari 3-2 in the final. Akilles won the game for third place, 7-4 against JPS. 

Minneapolis Bandolier are US National Champions with a victory over Mississippi Mojo 6-4 in the second game of the final, Wednesday, February 28. Bandolier defeated Mississippi Mojo 6-3 in the first game Monday, February 26. Look at winning pictures in a separate article. 

Stabaek is Norwegian Champion after final victory against Solberg 6-3. Stabaek are champion also among women. Stabaek defeated Hövik 4-3.