Japan held their historic championship on a new full size bandy arena!

The 1st National Championship Tournament in Japan was held at the Shintoku Full Size Bandy Arena on the northern island of Hokkaido prefecture. The tournament was held in the beginning of 2018.

Among the 3 participating teams from Tokyo and Hokkaido, the local Shintoku team became the 1st national champion. This inauguration tournament of the full size bandy arena (with night game facilities aswell) will definitely be an important step towards development of bandy, not only in this town but for the whole northern island of Hokkaido, where winter sport is quite popular.

After establishing the National Federation in 2011 and 6 consecutive participation to the FIB world championship games, the JBF has finally fulfilled this dream of  creating a full size bandy arena. This had been enabled by huge support and cooperation of the Shintoku town.

The Japan National Team took part in the World Championship in Harbin earlier this winter. The outdoor Shintoku full size Bandy Arena, available during the winter months, shall provide opportunities to increase the Bandy population and thus strengthen the national team.

The JBF also express gratitude towards FIB and bandy friends worldwide who has helped Japan Bandy Federation to reach this stage and kindly request further support towards realizing their next goal, which is to host Bandy Games at the Winter Olympics 2026 at this outdoor arena (Capital city of Hokkaido is planned to become candidate).

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