Neftyanik - Russian National Champion!

SKA Neftyanik is Russian National Champion in bandy. Neftyanik won Sunday's Russian national final with a crushing 8-1 against Jenisej from Krasnoyarsk. The final was played in Neftyanik's home-arena Erofei in Khabarovsk. In half time the home team had a lead with 2-1 but in the second half the team was clearly the best team on ice and went to 8-1 before the match was over.

The audience was 9 124 people in the world's largest arena for bandy.

The goals in the match:
0-1 (15) Almaz Mirgazov, 1-1 (24) Oleg Tolstykhin, 2-1 (42) Denis Potemin, 3-1 (50) Alexander Antipov, 4-1 (53) Yurij Shardakov, 5-1 (59) Alexander Antipov, 6-1 (69) Pavel Ryazantsev, 7-1 (75) Denis Lapishin and 8-1 (85) Denis Potemin.

We congratulate SKA Neftyanik for the Russian national gold!

Results from this years play offs: In the quarterfinals, the results were as follows: Jenisej-Dynamo Moscow 2-0, Sibselmach-Neftyanik 0-2, Volga-Kuzbass 1-2 and Uralski Trubnik-Baikal Energy 1-2 in matches.

In the semifinals, Jenisej won over Kuzbass by 3-0 (13-4, 7-3, 7-2) and Neftyanik beat Baikal Energy 3-0 (12-1, 8-3, 4-3).

In the match for third prize Baikal Energy defeated Kuzbass 7-1 in Irkutsk. Kuzbass won the first match 4-2.