The World Championship for Women 2020 will be played in Oslo, February 19-22. 

The Norwegian Bandy Federation has been awarded the World Championship in women’s bandy 2020. The championship will be held in Oslo at three stadiums; Frogner Stadium, Bergbanen and Voldsløkka will be renovated in close collaboration with the City of Oslo in order to be the main arena for the 2020 World Cup.

Last time Norway was the host country for the women’s World Championship was in 2010, then with Drammen as event city. Norway has participated as one of the core nations in the women’s championships since the official start in Oslo in 1987 (EM rink). The World Championship bandy in 2018 was held in Chengde, China. Sweden won the gold medal, Russia the silver and Norway bronze medal. 

The Norwegian Bandy Federation aims to create a new level of the women’s championship at this event, which opens the mark of the Norwegian Bandy Association’s 100th anniversary in 2020. The goal is to reach the “master’s level” in terms of visibility, as well as having the opportunity to influence the international bandy environment to take the womens bandr really seriously for the joint development of “the world’s fastest team sport”. 

The Ministry of Culture has gone to the championship financial support to reach the goal of equal framework for women’s and men’s championships in international bandy.


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