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This time it was a tournament with Finland, Russia and Sweden. Russia won the first tournament in Åby, Sweden, in December by 3 victories. Finland ended up on second place, Sweden on third and Norway on fourth place.


Finland made a strong performance and surprised a great deal in the 3-nation tournament! Finland beat Sweden (3-2) and played draw with Russia (3-3). Finland won the tournament to win the penalty shootout against Russia after the draw. 

Picture: Patric Huittinen

Friday Night in Porvoo

The game between Finland and Sweden (3-2) took place Friday, January 24, at 19:00 at Pallokenttä Arena in Porvoo.

Weekend in Lappeenranta

Russia played Sweden (7-4) on Saturday.
Finland-Russia (3-3) on Sunday.

Picture: Patric Huittinen

Picture: Mari Ukkonen

THE TEAMS IN THE TOURNAMENT – Push flag to see all players!



Porvoo (Borgå in Swedish) is a city and a municipality situated on the southern coast of Finland approximately 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. It is one of the six medieval towns in Finland, first mentioned as a city in texts from the 14th century. Porvoo is the seat of the Swedish-speaking Diocese of Borgå of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

The Porvoo Old Town is a popular tourist destination, known for its well-preserved 18th and 19th century buildings and 15th century cathedral, the Porvoo Cathedral. The Old Town together with Porvoonjoki River Valley is recognized as historically and culturally significant as one of the National landscapes of Finland.

Porvoo is hometown for the team Akilles in the Finnish highest league.


Lappeenranta (Swedish: Villmanstrand) is a residential town in Finland. The resort was officially founded in 1649 by Per Brahe under Queen Kristina’s government. Already in 1547 the place is referred to as a free market place and it had city privileges during Per Brahe’s time, but lost them already in 1683, when the city was declared a market place under Viborg.

Lappeeranta is a city in south eastern Finland, about 30 kilometres from the Russian border. It belongs to the region of South Karelia. Lappeenranta is the 13th biggest city in Finland.

Lappeenranta is also a commercial centre of South-East of Finland and the meeting point of the EU and Russia, 216 kilometres from both Helsinki and St. Petersburg. 

Lappeenrenta is home town for the team Veiterä in the Finnish highest league.

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