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Information and education

Prevention always starts with ourselves. If you have not already tested the Anti-Doping Quiz, do it now and find out how much you really know about the doping rules. This simple exercise may help you to find out how you can help both yourself and others.

ADEL – the leading e-learning platform

E-learning is a useful tool to offer an individual and more structured approach to learn more about anti-doping.
ADEL is developed by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to meet the needs of several most target groups in sport like:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Medical practitioners
  • Athlete support personnel (anyone working close to athletes)
  • Parents
  • Other persons (officials and administrators etc)

FIB recommends National Federations and Clubs to take advantage of ADEL and integrate it in their education programs.

National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO)
Another channel for anti-doping education is your NADO. They may also offer e-learning, but also live courses and seminars for different target groups. Find your NADO here.