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Your contribution to clean bandy

Photo: Martin Henriksson

FIB is committed to maintain the integrity of our sport, provide a level playing field and protect bandy players natural right to participate and compete in a doping-free sport. This commitment also entails certain obligations for individuals involved in bandy. It is vital that everyone concerned is aware of these obligations and comply with them.

The anti-doping rules identify three groups of roles. Each one with specified responsibilities:

Athletes Responsibilities
Includes any person who competes in sport at international level (as defined by each International Federation) or national level (as defined by each National Anti-Doping Organization).

Athlete Support Personnel Responsibilities
Includes any coach, trainer, manager, agent, team staff, official, medical personnel. Parent or any other person working with, treating or assisting an athlete participating in or preparing for a competition.

Other Persons Responsibilities 
Includes board members, directors, officers, specified employees and delegated third parties and their employees.

Note: Not only Athletes, but also Athlete Support Personnel and other Persons may be sanctioned if they violate the anti-doping rules.

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