Pools and Whereabouts

To maximize deterrence and detection, FIB’s testing program is based on risk assessment. Briefly, doping control planning is about testing the right athlete at the right time, using the right analysis methods in order to optimize deterrence and detection.

For this purpose, athletes are divided into different groups – pools -based on their competing level. FIB has established two separate pools. To find athletes for testing for no advance notice testing, FIB is depending on accurate whereabouts information.

Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

  • Athletes, male or female, who represents or have represented a senior National Team and have served a period of at least 6 months ineligibility for anti-doping rule violations during the last 4-year period.
  • Athletes included in FIB’s Testing Pool, for which the relevant National Federation does not deliver required whereabouts information to FIB.

Athletes included in the RTP are required to report whereabouts information individually, using an IT-system provided by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) called ADAMS.

ADAMS is a tool with a range of enhancements that makes it easier for athletes to enter, view and change. This includes giving the athlete (or their nominated representative) the ability to interact with ADAMS also on Android or iPhone devices.

As soon as an athlete is included in the pool, he/she will be personally informed about the detailed whereabouts requirements.

An athlete who is included in FIB’s RTP and who have decided to permanently retire should give FIB a notice, using the retirement notification form.

FIB’s Testing Pool (FTP)

  • Male athletes from the two highest ranked senior National Teams (based on previous World Championship).
  • Female athletes from the first ranked senior National Team (based on the previous World Championship).

All athletes who participate in the concerned team, or have participated over the last 12 months, are included in the pool. Their National Federations are responsible for providing the whereabouts information required by FIB.


Updated August 15, 2019