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New world penalty record!

Many players in the bandy world have in their careers made a visit to the penalty bench, both time-limited and match penalties. But the question is whether or not Kristián Lukšo, defender in Slovakia, today Sunday March 1, entered the sections of history books you may not directly boast of. He managed to get a red card penalty…twice … on the same day! Most players never get that chance because they rarely play two matches on the same day. But this Sunday, Kristián did.

In the morning’s match against Latvia, he got a red card for dropping an opponent when he was completely free with the goalkeeper. Red card! In tonight’s loss match against Mongolia, he got a 10-minute penalty for rough play against a Mongolian player. When he left the field he was violent towards the penalty bench. Red card again! The world record is going to be hard to beat and we recommend no one to try to beat it.

To find out if it is a world record, we consulted the tournament’s head supervisor and the chairman of the FIB Rules and Referees Committee, Mr. Olle Modin. Olle shook his head a few times at the story “we have never experienced it ever”

No player was hurt so you might read this with a smile on your face. It is understandable. But we may hope that Kristián has learned one lesson, or maybe two, anyway. Because he gets the chance to play more in Irkutsk as both red cards were not considered rough.