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Stein Pedersen new FIB President – elected at FIB Annual Congress!

Federation of International Bandy (FIB) held its Executive Committee (EC) meeting and Annual Congress on October 27 and 28, 2022 in Helsinki, Finland.  The Executive Committee consists of President Boris Skrynnik, first vice President Per-Anders Gustafsson and 8 vice Presidents. They are Arne Anderstedt, Attila Adamfi, Evgeniy Epifanov, Vadim Grishpun, Stein Pedersen, Leo Segerman, Magnus Sköld and Zhu Zhiqiang since the previous election in 2020.

Among other items on the Agenda, the EC approved to create a Working Group with the scope of reviewing FIB Statutes, Regulations and Guidelines shaping the future of the sport. The Working Group will apply an inclusive approach involving all stakeholders in the process where among others, good governance principles will be adopted.

The first in-person Congress after the pandemic was opened by FIB President Boris Skrynnik (Russia). Following his opening speech, for the best interest of FIB and for the future of the sport Mr Skrynnik voluntarily resigned from his position as President understanding the difficult situation for FIB and himself being the President during the difficult times. The situation is special due to the current ongoing war, especially when two of the FIB national member federations, Ukrainian Bandy Federation and All Russian Bandy Federation, conducts its business in the countries involved.

Boris Skrynnik, resigning FIB President and Stein Pedersen, elected FIB President. Photo: FIB

Delegates expressed their gratitude for Mr Skrynniks long leadership since 2006. Mr Skrynnik led FIB for 17 years. During his tenure the sport improved significantly, including membership growing on 4 continents, more nations participating at World Championships and the sport appearing on Winter Universiade, Asian Winter Games as well.

Following Mr Skrynniks resignation, the Election Committee presented Stein Pedersen (Norway) as the sole candidate. Stein Pedersen was elected unanimously by the Congress to new FIB President. Mr Pedersen is a former bandy athlete playing 18 seasons in the top Norwegian league, former national team player and a coach for National Youth teams. He is also the current President of the Norwegian Bandy Federation for 11 years.

Leo Segerman (Finland) working for FIB since 2003 in different roles, resigned from his position in order to provide opportunity for new people to develop bandy further. The congress elected Antti Parviainen, Chairman of The Finnish Bandy Federation in Mr Segermans place.

General Secretary, Bo Nyman, Sweden, announced his resignation at the Executive Congress meeting after 15 years of service. The EC unanimously appointed Attila Adamfi (Hungary) as Acting General Secretary from November 1, 2022. Mr Adamfi is a former bandy player representing Hungary in the National Team over hundred times and the President of the Hungarian Bandy Federation since 2007. He has also been elected as Vice President of the International Weightlifting Federation in June 2022.

The Congress, among others, approved Annual Reports, Auditor Reports and appointed internal and external Auditors.

Photo: FIB