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The new leaders already in action

In less than three weeks after the Annual Congress in Finland the new leadership of FIB have met to discuss the future. FIB has created a Working Group with the scope of reviewing FIB Statutes, Regulations and Guidelines to shape the future of the sport. The Working Group will apply an inclusive approach involving all stakeholders in the process where among others, good governance principles will be adopted.

Stein Pedersen, Norway, is new FIB President after Boris Skrynnik and Attila Adamfi, Hungary, is Acting General Secretary after Bo Nyman who left his office after 15 years. Stein Pedersen and Attila Adamfi met in Sweden and dealt with the many issues the Executive Committee and the Congress delegated to the Working Group. They discussed the amendments and upgrade of FIB basic documents, to be made in an inclusive process, involving the Member National Federations.

Modernisation, Good governance and Transparency is high priority for the new management and also Athlete representation, Gender balance etc. It will be important foundations for FIB operations for the future.

Stein Pedersen and Attila Adamfi