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FIB Anti-doping one step further!

In recent weeks, FIB has prepared new and reworked material for our quest against doping in the world of bandy. Our ambitions can most easily be summarized in 5 points:

  • Although doping has so far been an almost non-existent problem in FIB’s operations, FIB is keen to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Doping is not just about preventing conscious doping, but as much about teaching players and leaders what rules apply, to avoid mistakes. Such mistakes can be a risk via dietary supplements, adequate medication without dispensation, or if you do not follow a doping control’s instructions when checking.
  • FIB has no interest in complicating the lives of players and leaders. On the other hand, FIB wants to make it easier for them to do the right thing.
  • FIB’s starting point is that the website will be a tool that stimulates and helps national federations and clubs to take their part in the responsibility for a doping-free bandy and spread the message to players and leaders. There is nothing that FIB can stand for on its own.
  • FIB’s anti-doping sites always have the latest version. They are updated continuously when information is changed or new material is added.