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Report from EC-meeting July 7, 2023

The FIB Executive Committee (EC) met online on Friday, July 7, to conclude the 2022/2023 season and plan the upcoming season and beyond. The long agenda included, among others, topics for strategic discussions and decisions for the future, including Member Associations proposals submitted as part of the wide and inclusive stakeholder consultation.

The budget 2023-2024
The 2023/2024 Budget and Annual Business Plan has been approved.

Anti-doping education
As part of the WADA Code Compliance procedure, FIB’s Anti-Doping programme for 2023/2024 has been approved with special focus on Education. FIB shall plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and promote education programs in line with the new International Standard for Education, and thus have a positive long-term influence on the choices made by athletes and other persons involved. An ambition which calls for education activities on all levels, internationally as well as nationally and locally. A key underpinning principle is that an Athlete’s first experience with anti-doping should be through education rather than doping control. To support this development, the Code  also provides for National Federations (NF) to conduct education in coordination with the applicable National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO). FIB will work together with the national member associations for the best outcome of the education.

FIB President Stein Pedersen and General Secretary Attila Adamfi at the online Executive Committee meeting.

Rules and Referees Committee chairman
Egil Larsen’s appointment as Chairman of the Rules and Referees Committee (RRC) has been extended.

Time table confirmed
Beside the long term plans to improve the competition structure, the proposed Timetable 2023/2024 has been confirmed, with additional criteria to be implemented immediately.

World Championships and World Cups for the coming season
The Swedish Bandy Association is the only remaining candidate to organize the World Championship for men and women. Before the FIB can decide whether the tournaments will be played in the coming season and whether they will be arranged in Sweden, all conditions will be discussed with the Swedish association. It will be done as soon as possible. After that FIB will make necessary decisions. 
As regards all other tournaments, the conditions for each tournament will also be discussed with the respective organizing national association. After that decisions are made by FIB and invitations will be sent out.

The ongoing governance reforms
As part of the ongoing governance reforms, FIB EC approved to hold an Extraordinary Congress on September 26, 2023, online to discuss and approve the amended Statutes.

The EC-meeting minutes
As always, the EC meeting minutes will be published soon supporting greater transparency at FIB.