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Bandy in Las Vegas??? Yes!

Will bandy in Las Vegas be a Jackpot for our sport?

After several years of planning, the world’s first bandy tournament in Las Vegas will soon go from a desert mirage to an earth-shaking reality. The “Las Vegas Invitational Rink Bandy Tournament” will be held June 5-8 at the new America First Arena. The arena is owned by the NHL-club Vegas Golden Knights. The masterminds of “Las Vegas Invitational” are two USA Bandy legends. There was no better way to promote the sport of bandy, thought Chris Halden and Tom Howard and made the idea come true. To host a tourney in Vegas, the entertainment capital of the entire world sounds a little bit crazy.

But this unique, historic tourney has already attracted some of the top players from around the world. The tournament will feature 5 rink bandy teams from the USA, Sweden and Norway.

Even if the players are or have been bandy stars in their homeland, the teams are new and have been given names for the special event:
Krunehof Tellus C 🇸🇪
This Swedish team will feature Swedish bandy legends as Hasse Johansson and Pelle Einarsson in their line-up.

KOSA Arc Warriors 🇸🇪
This second Swedish team’s managers Anton Axellie and Tom Howard have indicated they also plan to bring some of the top players in Sweden.
Norwegian Vikings 🇳🇴
This squad is led by veteran Peter Haug of Ready and the dynamic John Anderson who have assembled a solid squad of top Norwegian players that includes Felix Callander and Fredrik Nordby.
Minnesota Legends 🇺🇸 and Atomic Steel USA🇺🇸
These two USA teams will be a mix of well known current and former Team USA players including Mike Lickteig, Greg Olson and Andrew Knutson.
As they say “the house always wins in Vegas”. But in this case it is safe to say that everyone and the sport of bandy will be leaving Vegas this time as a true winner.