Indoor games in Hamar, Norway!

Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway

The indoor arena Vikingskipet in Hamar, Norway is being prepared for a good period of training and games for the Norwegian clubs. The bandy season 2020/2021 will of course not be like other seasons. The training period is completely different than usual for most teams and players in the World of bandy in terms of preparation. It seemed for a long time that it would not be possible to prepare for a full ice surface before the start of the season. Norwegian Elitebandy has landed an agreement that makes it possible for ice in Vikingskipet, so that the clubs get both training and games towards the start of the series.

Great focus has been placed on NBF’s guidelines for conducting training and games in the planning of the days. All clubs have their own people with responsibility for training and games being carried out in accordance with expectations.

Due to the strict procedures, it will unfortunately not be open to the public either at trainings or games, but plans are made for live streaming from the games in Hamar. Read more on Norskbandy.

The teams for men are divided in 3 groups:
Group A – A1 Ready, A2 Mjøndalen, A3 Ullevål
Group B – B1 Ullern, B2 Skeid, B3 Solberg
Group C – C1 Stabæk, C2 Drammen, C3 Sarpsborg

Game schedule MEN

Friday October 16
1500 Ullevål-Mjøndalen
1630 Solberg-Ullern
1800 Sarpsborg-Stabæk
1930 Mjøndalen-Ready
2100 Skeid-Solberg
2230 Drammen-Sarpsborg
2400 Ready-Ullevål

Saturday October 17
0800 Ullern-Skeid
0930 Stabæk-Drammen
1100 Team C3-Lag A3
1230 Team A2-Team B2
1400 Team A1-B1
1530 Team A3-Team B3
1700 Team C2-Team A2
1830 Team C1-Team A1
2000 Team B3-Team C3
2130 Team B2-Team C2
2300 Team B1-Team C1

Game schedule WOMEN

Sunday October 18
0800 Høvik-Ready

0930 Stabæk-Ullevål
1300 Ready-Ullevål
1430 Stabæk-Høvik
1800 Ready-Stabæk
1930 Ullevål-Høvik

Super League starts November 7

The Russian Bandy Federation has decided the schedule for the first 8 rounds of Super League 2020-2021. Those rounds will be played from November 7 to December 1.

The schedule November 7-December 1

FIB will take decisions on the World Cup and other tournaments November 1.
After that Russian Bandy Federation will form the remaining rounds of the Super League. That decision will be made November 5.


A decision will soon be made regarding the implementation of the planned World Cup tournament in Krasnoyarsk December 17-20. The decision will be published here on the FIB Website on November 1.
The decision will of course be made on the basis of the then prevailing situation with the Covid19 pandemic in the countries concerned.

The World Cup tournaments for women in Växjö, Sweden and Girls Y17 in Vetlanda, Sweden have since earlier been canceled.

Other international FIB tournaments in the coming season will be moved to March 2021. Information on exact dates will be published here on the FIB Website as soon as they are decided.

World Championship 2020 cancelled!

The Federation of International Bandy regretfully announces cancellation of the 2020 Men’s Bandy Championship Group A in Irkutsk, Russia, due to the Covid19 pandemic!

The Championship was scheduled to take place at the Baikal Ice Palace October 5-11 this year. It has been cancelled because of the Covid19 pandemic on recommendations of the Foreign Ministries of the countries taking part in this major competition. All the participating National Federations support the FIB’s decision to cancel.

The President and Executive Committee of the Federation of International Bandy expresses its regret at having to make this decision. FIB assures all its members and supporters that consultation and negotiations with National Bandy Federations and Associations, international health authorities, and the World Championship Organizers are its priority.

Boris Skrynnik, FIB President

FIB President Boris Skrynnik says ”We will take every step to find a solution to this unprecedented situation. Bandy will not be beaten!” 

Arena Baikal – A pearl for sports!

ICE PALACE BAIKAL” – The multi sport arena! 

Summary in English of the video content:

The impressive stadium “Baikal” in Irkutsk is already becoming the center of world sports. It can accommodate up to 6 thousand spectators in an area of 55,000 m2President Vladimir Putin said: “Let’s do it!”

It was a defeat of nature in February to pour concrete at a temperature of minus 29oC so special insulated awnings were installed to warm up the concrete.

Baikal is a pearl of the whole world. Beautiful lake, beautiful ice. The world championship in speed skating is not far off in the arena and not least, the arena will be a great place for bandy.

Unique arches made of durable metal-reinforced Angara pine were installed. Twelve wooden arches at the base of the ice palace are real Russian engineering. They are safe, strong and durable as they do not corrode. More than 1,500 people worked at the facility every day. 15 000 people and more than 300 companies from the Russian Federation and even foreign companies passed through this facility during construction.

Ice Complex “Baikal” is the largest sports center with fields for bandy and ice hockey, curling, short track, speed skating, figure skating, football, volleyball, basketball and tennis. There are also gyms here. The huge ice arena can be transformed into a concert venue. A training base will open very soon to prepare Russian athletes for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

 Vladimir Matienko, President of Bandy Federation in Irkutsk region:
“I think it will be a center for health, sports and celebration!”

NOTE! From 11 to 16 September, Irkutsk and the new arena will host the first stage of the Russian Cup of the 2020/2021 season among the teams of the Vostok group.

SAIK Bandy first to the World Cup!

Sandvikens AIK, the elite club in Sweden, arranged the FIB World Cup for the past 11 years. The tournament was born in Swedish Ljusdal as a round-the-clock tournament back in 1974 and later the tournament was promoted to the World Cup. The first team to win the tournament in 1974 was Sandvikens AIK and when the tournament was played in 2019 Bollnäs GIF won the trophy after a final victory against SKA Neftyanik with 5-2.

December 17-20 this year, the World Cup will be played in Krasnoyarsk. Decisive for the tournament will of course be how the ongoing corona pandemic develops and what restrictions will apply in December.

Rafi Markarian

Rafi Markarian is the club manager of SAIK Bandy and he explains why his club is the first to register for this year’s World Cup in Krasnoyarsk:
-After arranging the tournament for 11 years, we of course want to be involved even when the World Cup is decided in Russia. But we were unsure whether we would be able to manage the participation financially. Since then, of course, the Covid19 pandemic has also created uncertainty for participation. We have worked hard to have a healthy economy, we can not incur large costs. But now the financial conditions are so favorable from the organizers in Russia that we immediately decided to participate. Now the costs will not be greater than if we have a training camp in Sweden, says Rafi.

What will it be like to play the World Cup for the first time in Russia?
-It will be exciting to see and above all if the Russians can create the public success that we may not have fully succeeded in, says Rafi Markarian.

The World Cup will be played December 17-20. A time that Rafi thinks feels logical:
-Normally, the national team players usually go to a 4-nation tournament then. Now all our players get an experience to go to Krasnoyarsk and play the World Cup instead. It will probably be especially cool and useful for the younger players.

What can his SAIK hope for in the World Cup?
-Very difficult to say. We have lost a couple of great national team players and instead got some new good players. It will be exciting to see how we can challenge not least the Russian teams, Rafi Markarian concludes.

Yenisei Arena, Krasnoyarsk

The majority of the participating teams will be Russian, just as it has been with the Swedish teams in previous tournaments. Six Swedish teams are invited. The ambition is to have the four best teams in Sweden to participate. However, it is currently unclear which Swedish teams will participate. Then the organizer will give Wild Cards to two more Swedish teams. One of the two clubs offered a Wild Card has also accepted the World Cup and it is AIK Bandy from Stockholm who this season has recruited a large number of international star players to fight in the top of Swedish Elitserien..


Swedish bandy annual meeting completed!

The Swedish Bandy Association has held its annual meeting this weekend. The current chairman, Per-Anders Gustafsson, was re-elected. In addition to Gustafsson, the board consists of Jesper Kärrbrink, Anne Holopainen, Johanna Pettersson, Arne Anderstedt, Tiina Vesala, Henrik Nilsson, Elin Ivarsson and Oscar Chröisty.

FIB President Boris Skrynnik congratulate on the well-conducted annual meeting and look forward to good cooperation for the continued development of the sport of bandy.


FIB is working intensively right now to be able to carry out the season’s planned international tournaments. FIB is doing everything possible to carry out World Championship Group A in Irkutsk, Russia as planned. As is well known, the tournament was planned for last spring but was postponed until October 5-11. The plan for FIB is that the tournament will also be played then.

Other tournaments decided for the coming season are also planned to be held. The details of each tournament are not complete. When details are ready, we will inform here on FIB website.

The ongoing corona pandemic is constantly creating new conditions for many different countries. Restrictions on how people can socialize and how to travel within and outside each country are not constant, but new decisions are made at short notice. Therefore, of course, FIB also continuously monitors the decisions taken within the parliaments, foreign ministries and health authorities of the various countries. FIB is awaiting new recommendations that affect the sport, for example for international travel and decisions about the audience’s presence in the arenas. For Sweden, for example, new decisions on restrictions will be made August 31.

FIB has contacts with the embassies, for example the Russian embassies to be informed about the handling of visa issues especially in front of the World Championship in October.

FIB does its best to constantly increase interest in bandy and to develop the sport at the various levels it is practiced and we do so even in this time when so much in our world is different. But the work is constantly ongoing, despite this.


Boris Skrynnik, President of FIB

July 15 is the birthday of Boris Skrynnik, the president of the Federation of International Bandy! He is also the president of Russian Bandy Federation.

Mr Skrynnik has been working for the Russian bandy for many years. He started in his home town Arkhangelsk and the club Vodnik. The club dominated the Russian bandy, and was successful also internationally. Vodnik became champions of Russia 9 times and won the European Championship three times, for example. After the time in Vodnik he went to Moscow and Dynamo Moscow where new victories were lined up.

Boris Skrynnik has been the president of the Federation of International Bandy since 2006. Under his presidency for Russian Bandy the national team won the World Championships 7 times.

The members and all coworkers of FIB congratulates Boris Skrynnik on his birthday!


European Championship in Rinkbandy has been arranged five times so far. Now the 6th championship is being held in Slovakia 2020. Exact date and location will be announced in the nearest future, but the plan is to arrange the tournament this coming fall. If a decision is made later on to postpone the tournament due to the Covid-19 situation, the tournament will be played in March or April 2021.

The tournament is considered as European Championship in Rinkbandy 2020.

Federation of International Bandy and Slovak Association of Bandy will be responsible for managing 6th European Championship in Rinkbandy 2020.


Krasnoyarsk Rinkbandy Champions 2019