Villa Lidköping double gold!

Villa Lidköping BK-AIK in the Swedish Final Saturday, April 3. It was drama, it was prestige and the Swedish bandy final was decided in the most exciting way imaginable. The final score was 4-4 and it was only in extra time through the golden goal that the whole thing was decided.

Martin Karlsson, Villa Lidköping

After the first 10 minutes of extra time no goal was scored, but after 107 minutes in the second part of extra time Villa Lidköping’s captain Martin Karlsson scores with a shot and Villa thus becomes Swedish Champion for the second time. The first time was in 2019. The club is also double Swedish champion because Villa’s women’s team became Swedish Champions last weekend.

The goals in the final – Villa Lidköping-AIK
1-0 (03) Joel Broberg
1-1 (05) Sebastian Ytterell, assist Alan Dzhusoev
2-1 (22) Petter Björling, assist Martin Karlsson
2-2 (45) Tobias Nyberg, assist Daniel Andersson
3-2 (53) Christoffer Edlund, assist Joel Broberg
4-2 (54) Petter Björling, assist Erik Säfström

4-3 (64) Erik Pettersson, assist Alan Dzhusoev
4-4 (75) Daniel Andersson, assist Erik Pettersson
5-4 (107) Martin Karlsson

Villa Lidköping womens’ champion!

Photo:Team Fabbe/Sören

Villa Lidköping BK became Swedish champions for women when the final against Västerås SK was decided on Saturday, March 27. The game was just as even as Swedish women’s finals usually are. It was when only 7 minutes were left of regular playing time that Villa could go to a two-goal lead. Villa Lidköping has never before won a Swedish championship for women, however, Västerås were reigning champions since 2020.

Many players were very good in the final which was watched by a large TV audience even though the indoor arena in Uppsala was empty of spectators due to the corona pandemic.

If we are to name a few players who were particularly good, they are both teams’ goalkeepers. Pernilla Elardt Östh in Villa and Isabelle Larsson in Västerås. They were responsible for many fantastic saves.

Now Villa Lidköping BK has the chance to become double Swedish champions because Villa in the men’s final will meet AIK on Saturday, April 3.

1-0 (06) Julia Wallgren
1-1 (12) Charlotte Selbekk
2-1 (23) Lisa Östman
2-2 (29) Ingrid Heien Bjonge
3-2 (34) Matilda Svenler
3-3 (53) Emelie Åkerlund
4-3 (73) Matilda Svenler
5-3 ((83) Ida Friman
6-3 (89) Tilda Ström

Yenisei new Russian Champion!

Yenisei is new  Russian Champion!
Yenisei won the final game against Dynamo Moscow in front of an enthusiastic audience in crowded home arena.

Yenisei dominated the game with more powerful offensive play. Throughout the match, it was still an even final. The margins were on Yenisei’s side and that decided the championship.

Yenisei finished second in the Russian Super League with 69 points. Dynamo Moscow won the series on 73 points.

During the last part of the final game it was very even and Dynamo was behind with only one goal. The redeeming 4-2 goal for Yenisei was scored by Almaz Mirgazov when he picks up a carelessness in Dynamo midfield and sets the highest speed and skates away from Dynamo’s defense and shoot 4-2.

Before the final game Yenisei won in the quarter finals against Kuzbass 6-4 and 5-1 in the two games and in the semi finals Yenisei beat SKA Neftyanik 6-7, 7-0 and 6-2.  Dynamo Moscow beat Volga in the quarter finals 11-2 and 17-2. In the semifinals Dynamo won the games against Vodnik 4-2 and 3-2.

The goals in the final game
1-0 (27) Oleg Tolstikhin, assist Almaz Mirgazov
2-0 (43) Almaz Mirgazov, assist Maxim Ishkeldin
2-1 (55) Vladislav Tarasov, assist Nikita Ivanov (corner shot)
3-1 (77) Ilya Lopatin, asssist Adam Giljam
3-2 (82) Maxim Vasilenko, assist Valery Ivkin (corner shot)
4-2 (88) Almaz Mirgazov, no assist

Corona spread in Sweden!

Swedish bandy currently has a major problem with the spread of corona virus. The problems are concentrated to Semifinal A between Villa Lidköping BK and Sandvikens AIK. The teams have each won one game that has been played. The third game on Thursday was canceled when the spread of infection had been found in the team of Sandviken, which was forced to leave WO. During the same day, the spread of infection was also found in Villa. Game 4 has been canceled due to the extensive spread of infection that rages in both teams.

The Swedish Bandy Federation and Swedish Elitebandy are now working to find a solution on how the Semifinal A can be played. It will most likely also have consequences for the final to be played on March 27. It probably needs to be moved forward. Decisions are expected to come in the next few days.

Akilles Finnish Champion!

The Finnish final was played in Porvoo on Saturday, March 13 and Akilles won a convincing victory 3-1 (3-1). Seen throughout the season, we can say that the victory for Achilles was fair as the team won the series too on 28 points. Second was the final opponent Veiterä on 26 points. This was Achilles’ second straight title in Finland.

The goals in the final game
1-0 (19) Eetu Peuhkuri
1-1 (21) Akseli Laakonen
2-1 (25) Rasmus Kettinen
3-1 (39) Andreas Flinck


The final in the Finnish Bandyliiga will be played on Saturday, March 13 in Porvoo at 6 pm (UTC +2). The finalists in this year’s final are Akilles from Porvoo and Veiterä from Lappeenranta, two teams that also were number one and two in the regular season.

The final will be broadcasted live by YLE, Finlands national public broadcasting company, at YLE Areena starting at 5.50 pm. The final can be seen around the globe via these two links:

Watch with Finnish comments – Push here!
Commentators: Jarmo Lehtinen and Esko Tammilehto

Watch with Swedish comments – Push here!
Commentators: Sebastian Backman and Tomi Tukianen



Wiipurin Sudet Finnish Champions 2021

Wiipurin Sudet has won the women’s Finnish Bandy Championship for the 8th consecutive time. The team beat Botnia 6-1 in the final game played on Sunday March 7th. Sudet beat Vastus in the semifinal 21-0 and Botnia beat Kampparit 3-2 in a semifinal thriller.

Bronze medalist is Kampparit. In the bronzemedal game Kampparit beat Vastus 9-1.

The Finnish Champions 2021 – Wiipurin Sudet


Is bandy too expensive for Winter Olympics?

Chris Middlebrook, President of US Bandy and member of FIB Olympic Committee has in a particularly exciting and interesting article compared the costs of establishing bandy as a part of the Olympic family with some of the current Olympic winter sports.

The reader also needs to remember that bandy is the world’s second largest winter sport in terms of the number of practitioners closest after ice hockey.

Read the article here!

We celebrate Bo Nyman!

Bo Nyman

This Monday, February 22, we celebrate the FIB General Secretary
Mr Bo Nyman on his 75th birthday!

Bo Nyman has worked as General Secretary since 2007. But he has been involved in the sport of bandy a long time before that. The club in his heart since many years is Brobergs IF in Söderhamn (nowadays called Broberg/Söderhamn Bandy). Bo Nyman was chairman of Broberg for 13 years. During his previous years as a resident in Härnösand, he was involved in the board of the bandy club Härnösands AIK. The last 13 years the focus for him has been Federation of International Bandy – FIB. 

-I have appreciated being able to work in international bandy. This job has given me so much of contacts with all the bandy people in the world and I have also been able to visit many interesting places, says Mr Nyman.

What is the most important thing that has happened during your years in FIB so far?

-I’m happy that bandy has grown so much and many new countries have been added to the international family. I want us to both continue and develop that job, says Bo Nyman.

The jubilee!

The jubilee will of course receive the most heartfelt congratulations from his children and grandchildren.

Boris Skrynnik is FIB President. Of course, he also wants to pay tribute to Bo Nyman on his birthday.

-On behalf of the Federation of International Bandy and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on your 75th birthday! Your long-term work for the benefit of the world of bandy, rich experience and exceptional professionalism, diplomacy and business qualities have contributed to the development of our sport throughout the world for many years.

-We thank you for your loyalty to bandy and our cooperation aimed at the popularization and progress of bandy on different continents and countries. I hope our collaboration will continue in the future! With all my heart I wish you health and long life, new successes and prosperity, concludes Mr Skrynnik.

Flashback on Olympic bandy!

The sport of bandy wants to take place in the Winter Olympics. Many fans all over the world thinks it is time for that. Bandy is the world’s second largest winter sport after icehockey – in terms of number of participants.

But as early as 1952, when the Winter Olympics were decided in Oslo, bandy was included as a Demonstration Sport. Experience this exciting flashback written by Tor Audun Sørensen about the games where the sport of bandy gilded the competitions.