Swedish and Dutch bandy in mourning

The world of bandy and especially the Dutch and Swedish bandy are in mourning. One of the most popular coaches and leaders, Thomas Engström, has left us suddenly and unexpectedly  during a bandy match in the beginning of September.

Thomas Engström was headcoach for the team Tillberga in Sweden. He was also head coach for the national team of Netherlands since the season 2016-2017.

The Netherlands World Champions 2018 among B-group teams.

Frank Peters, the Bandy Federation of Netherlands and member of FIB Technical Committee, tells about Tomas Engström’s significance for Dutch bandy:
-After the first World Championship in Trollhättan (Sweden) he came up with an ambitious plan to become World Champion for B-group teams in China 2018. During the first team meeting, he had a gold medal with him to show us that anything was possible. We were able to live up to his motto “it’s impossible, let’s do it” in 2018, thanks to him. Becoming World Champion in Group B in Harbin, China was a great highlight for Dutch Bandy, for which we will always be grateful to him. It was very deserved that he was chosen as the best coach during that tournament.

Frank Peters continues:
-His never-ending interest in our bandy and his enormous commitment to the team will probably never be equaled. He was always very active for our national team with also organizing multiple trainingcamps in Västerås. The fact that a lot of people in the community and clubs know and liked him was a big help for us.

-Thomas was not only our headcoach but also a good friend. Several persons in the group of players and leaders knew him already before that time. Some players have played bandy in Västerås for some years where he took really good care for them with everything from housing to bandy etc. We even get to know Thomas before that, in the years he was working for the FIB and Swedish Bandy Federation in the Development Committee developing B-countries, Frank Peters concludes.

Thomas Engström was 64 years old.

FIB-decisions regarding upcoming international tournaments!

Today, Monday August 30, the FIB Executive Committee had an extra meeting per capsulam and then made decisions regarding FIB-sanctioned international tournaments. One of the decisions concerned the World Championship for the men’s A-group that was planned to be played in Irkutsk in October this year will be moved to October 2022. The tournament will still be played in Ice Palace Baikal in Irkutsk.

At the EC meeting, it was also decided that no FIB-sanctioned international tournaments will be played in the coming season until December 31. Invitation to the tournaments that will be played in 2022 will be sent out to the national member federations in September.

Every participant in these tournaments as players, leaders, referees and officials must be fully vaccinated against covid infection and hold vaccination certificates accordingly.

Proposal for the world championship in Irkutsk!

On August 28, 2021, a meeting was held with the participation of the presidents of the Russian National Federation, the Swedish National Federation and the Finnish National Federation on the occasion of the current dropouts from the World Championship tournament in Irkutsk in October this year.

At the meeting, it was agreed to submit a proposal to be presented to the FIB Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee in Irkutsk. In the proposal, the three national federation presidents proposed that the World Championship 2020 instead should be played in October 2022, still in Irkutsk.

A decision on the matter will be made by the FIB Executive Committee shortly.

The three presidents also plan to have a joint meeting in the future to discuss how the international bandy community can best develop its readiness to work with and handle similar situations as the current covid pandemic.

Sweden and Finland refrain from participating in Irkutsk!

The bandy federations in Sweden and Finland have each decided not to participate in the World Championships in Irkutsk, 11-17 October. The decisions are made in the light of the ongoing covid pandemic.

Norway has previously chosen to say no to the tournament in Irkutsk.

-It is out of respect for the health of our players and others. That’s why Sweden can not participate now, says Per-Anders Gustafsson, chairman of the Swedish Bandy Federation. We have acted in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations. Based on the current pandemic situation and the uncertainty it entails, we also do not want to risk exposing the Swedish healthcare system to greater strain, Gustafsson concludes.

Jari Kettunen, chairman of the Finnish Bandy Federation:
-In this exceptional situation, travel restrictions established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the players’ health and social security are the main reason for our decision.

It is of course very unfortunate for everyone, but we think that it is the only right solution, Kettunen continues.

Bo Nyman is Secretary General of FIB, Federation of International Bandy:
-It is very sad to be reached by the decisions from Sweden and Finland. We will give further information in a couple of days.


Cup of Russia already underway!

The bandy season 2021-2022 has already started with cup games in Russia. When the teams in other countries have come a bit into the pre-season training, the competition matches have already started in Russia. The Cup of Russia takes place between August 1 and October 4.

The teams are divided into two Round Robin groups before the playoffs start later. The groups are “Group West” with 8 teams: Dynamo Moscow, Rodina Kirov, Start, Dynamo Kazan, Vodnik, Murmansk, Stroitel and Volga. “Group Vostok” consists of 6 teams: Yenisei, Baikal Energy, Kuzbass, SKA Neftyanik, Sibselmash and Uralsky Trubnik.

The Cup of Russia started on Sunday August 1 and continued today August 2. The results so far:
Yenisei-Uralsky Trubnik 8-1
Sibselmsh-Baikal Energy 2-6
Rodina-Dynamo Moscow 1-18
Kuzbass-SKA Neftyanik 4-3
Baikal Energy-Yenisei 4-5

The matches in the first stage started with a minute of silence in memory of three legendary persons in Russian bandy:
Honored Master of Sports and four-time World Champion Roman Yurievich Geysel, Honored Master of Sports and six time world champion Maxim Vitalyevich Ishkeldin and Head of the national teams of Russia Vladislav Anatolyevich Spinka.

Live broadcasts of all matches are available on the Youtube channels of the club “Kuzbass” and “Volga” (the start time of the matches is indicated in Moscow).

Anti covid protocol for World Championship in Irkutsk!

The Organizing Committee of the Irkutsk World Championships October 11-17 has developed a comprehensive Anti Covid Protocol for the tournament.

The document is published here on the FIB Website so that everyone with an interest in the tournament can take part in the careful restrictions that will apply.

From FIB’s side, we are very happy and impressed with the complete, extensive and responsible work that the organizers in Irkutsk have carried out the planning of this security work.

The information is also sent to the federations of the participating nations and others who will be present during the championship.

The well-thought-out document contains, for example, a restriction that everyone who is present during the event, players, leaders, referees, media, officials and the audience must be fully vaccinated and be able to present vaccination certificates when the tournament begins to be given access to the arena, hotels and other spaces.


Great Britain aims at Stockholm!

It is well known that bandy as a sport was invented in the British Isles before country after country became aware of it. Today, FIB member national federations are found almost all around the world.

But in the GB, bandy has been in decline for a very long time since they invented the sport, at least if we talk about womens bandy. The British men’s team has participated in the World Championships as late as 2019 when the B group nations met in Sweden. Then the team went all the way to the final. There, however, Estonia became too difficult and the Estonians won 9-3.

In 2020 tournament in Irkutsk they did not get the chance to participate due to Visa problems.

But now there are far-reaching plans for the Great Britain to establish itself in the big picture on the women’s side as well. Talks are currently ongoing with potential sponsors for this historic contest where the British Isles will take this originally British sport to compete against those forward thinking countries who have continued the bandy playing tradition since it was first taken out to them by the Bury Fen Bandy Club from the fens of Cambridgeshire in the 19th century!

The leading lady in British bandy Rev Lyn Gibb de Swarte is now working intensively to attract sponsors to support the British women team’s commitment to the World Championships in Stockholm in January 2022.

FIB really wish Lyn and her staff great luck in order for the dream to become a reality!

If you want to know more about it or maybe even want to be a sponsor for the team, the email address is this:

Maxim Ishkeldin has died!

The whole bandy world are in shock and grief today. The information reached us that the star player Maxim Ishkeldin has died today, June 5. He died in his sleep and no cause of death has yet been determined.

Maksim Vitalyevich Ishkeldin was born on June 22, 1990. Maxim was one of the foremost bandy players in his country. He played last season for Yenisei, Krasnoyarsk. He has previously played for Sibselmash (2006-2010), Zorky (2010-2015) and SKA Neftyanik (2015-2020). He was also one of the most important players in the national team. He was voted the best player in the Super League in both the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons.

He was also a prominent player when the national team won its latest gold when the World Championship was held in Vänersborg, Sweden. He was then also chosen as the tournament’s best midfielder. He became world champion a total of six times.

Maxim Ishkeldin became only 30 years old.

Federation of International Bandy expresses its deepest condolences to Maxim’s family and friends and also all his supporters and teammates in his last two teams Yenisei and SKA Neftyanik.


Register to World Cup Girls Y17!

Now it is the last days to send intent to participate in the World Cup for Girls Y17 in Sweden in November!

The organizing club Skirö AIK hopes that the cup can continue to build on the successes of previous years and be an unforgettable experience for the participating teams, match officials and the world of bandy as a whole.

The organizer is aiming for 10 teams hopefully from several different countries in this tournament which will be held for girls born in 2005 or later. Any exceptions to this are handled by FIB. The playing time for the matches in the round robin games will be 2×20/30 minutes. The round robin games starts on Friday, November 5. Each team will also play at least one match on Sunday, November 7.

If you want to register your team to participate in the tournament or if you have further questions, you can contact Joakim Brattkull at The last day to register is June 1, 2021.

More information will be published during the summer.

Many tournaments the coming season!

All the countries of the world are now working hard to put an end to the Covid pandemic. The vaccination process is progressing and we all hope that we can look forward to our countries being able to reopen and that life can become a little more common again. This means that we can also look forward to a much more exciting bandy season 2021-2022.

The FIB Technical Committee has now set dates and places for several of the tournaments this coming winter. In the main menu you can easily click on “Tournaments Season 2021-2022”. There you will find most of the tournaments the coming winter. Venues are not determined for all tournaments yet. There may also be a couple of additional international tournaments such as the World Cup for Boys Y15 club teams and World Championship for Boys Y15/Y16. These have not yet been decided.

One tournament that will not be played, however, is the World Cup for mens club teams. That tournament will take a break again this year as the World Championship is instead played for Group A October 11-17. That tournament was postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic.

The coming season offers two World Championships for men. The World Championship 2022 for men’s A and B nations will be played March 27-April 3. The World Championship for women will be held in January 10-16.