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Jonathan and Valentin Wang-Norderud

In the World Championships in Vänersborg and Trollhättan there where 2 goal scorers at the age of 14. Oliver Corcoran in Team Great Britain is the youngest scorer in Group B. Oliver will turn 15 this summer. But in Team Germany we actually find an even younger scorer. Valentin Wang-Norderud turned 14 last November.

Oliver Corcoran

As Germany secured 7th place in Group A by defeating the Netherlands 12-6 in Trollhättan on January 31st, German top player Johan Koch assisted Valentin Wang-Norderud for Germanys last goal in the 86th minute.

Valentin is the youngest ever goal scorer at the World Championship at 14 years and 2 months. Germany now holds the record of both the oldest (Sergei Bitkov 57) and the youngest goal scorer in the tournaments history! Valentin Wang-Norderud and his older brother Jonathan both play for the German team, and represent the Oslo club Ready Bandy, which is one of the leading clubs in the region, and was also host to Germanys pre-championship camp. The regrowth does not seem to be a problem for the world bandy with such scorers as Valentin and Oliver!

Statistical curiosities Group A!

Oldest and youngest player
The 5 oldest players all come from Germany. Sergei Naab and Sergei Fichter are the two oldest; 47 years old. Then follows Eugen Kudrin 43, Victor Rud 42 and Michael Dunaev 40. The youngest player was Valentin Wang-Norderud, Germany, 14 years old.

Goal assistants
The player who made the most goal-assists is Petter Löyning, Norway, with 8 assistants. Alexander Kolyagin, Germany, has 7 assists and on 6 assists we find Michael Dunaev, Germany, Jan Olav Löyning, Norway, Mike Carman, USA and Maxim Ishkeldin, Russia. 5 assists Kevin Brown, USA, Daniel Berlin and Per Hellmyrs, Sweden.

Most penalty minutes
Juho Liukkonen in the Finnish team is by far the player with most penalty minutes, 70 minutes. Then Stephan den Brook, the Netherlands and Petter Moen, Norway follow with 30 minutes. 20 minutes on the penalty bench; Maxim Ishkeldin, Russia, Markus Fremstad, Norway, Markus Kumpuoja, Finland, Peter Knutson, USA, Zultan Kadirzhanov, Kazakhstan, Sam Rouppe van der Voort, Netherlands and Niklas Kvamme-Elger, Germany.

Finland won the bronze medals!

Finland won the bronze medals through a safe win against Kazakhstan with 8-2 after 3-0 in half time. Finland has made a well-executed tournament. In a few years, perhaps Finland may threaten Russia and Sweden seriously. It really needs to the World Championships to get more even fights. Of course, Finland won quite fairly against Kazakhstan and there was never any discussion about the victory. Tuomas Määttä was the best player of the game, he also scored 3 goals.

All the goals:
1-0 Teemu Määttä (12)
2-0 Tuomas Määttä (14)
3-0 Tomi Hauska (43)
4-0 Ville Aaltonen (48)
4-1 Rauan Issalyev (50) Penalty stroke
5-1 Tuomas Määttä (56)
6-1 Eetu Peuhkuri (61)
7-1 Tuomas Määttä (68)
8-1 Emil Fedorov (82)
8-2 Rauan Issalyev (86) Penalty stroke

Sweden won semi-final easy!

Sweden had, as expected, no problem with going to the final in the tournament, but the team won a simple victory against Kazakhstan. “An ordinary day at work” it looked like for Sweden. The team was focused on tomorrow’s final game against Russia. The team looks to be the strongest in the world right now and will be the favorites for gold.
Goals in this semi-final:

1-0 Per Hellmyrs (4 mins)
2-0 Erik Petterson (5)
3-0 Adam Giljam (10)
4-0 Christoffer Edlund (17)
5-0 Christoffer Fagerström (24)
6-0 Christoffer Edlund (25)
7-0 Erik Pettersson (28)
8-0 Erik Pettersson (33)
9-0 Felix Pehrsson (35) Penalty stroke
9-1 Artem Vshivkov (41)
10-1 Christoffer Edlund (42)
11-1 Erik Pettersson (44)
12-1 Erik Pettersson (48)
13-1 Simon Jansson (56)
14-1 Christoffer Fagerström (58)
15-1 Christoffer Edlund (61)
16-1 Felix Pehrsson (65)
17-1 Christoffer Fagerström (77)
18-1 Johan Löfstedt (79)
19-1 David Pizzoni Elfving (80)
20-1 Christoffer Fagerström (82

Russia to Saturday Final!

Russia is the first team to Saturday’s World Championship final after a strong victory against Finland. The Finnish team held up well until the half-time rest, but then Russia could go away through a quick lead goal after the break.
The victory was fair and the Russian team was stronger in the end. But Finland will have a praise for its two efforts against Russia in the two latest games. Maxim Ishkeldin was again great player in Russia.

The goals in this semi-final:
0-1 Markus Kumpuoja (8 mins)
1-1 Evgeny Dergaev (15)
2-1 Maxim Vasilenko (22)
2-2 Jimi Heinonen (37)
3-2 Almaz Mirazov (51)
4-2 Maxim Ishkeldin (52)
5-2 Artem Bondarenko (67)
6-2 Evgeny Dergaev (81)

Germany 7th place and Netherlands to Group B!

Germany becomes seventh team and Netherlands eighth in the World Championships. It was the result of the first placement game today. The game was very smooth until in the middle of the second half. Then Germany took over the game and could quite easily win. The game was not just a fight about the placements. The losing team also falls out of the A-group and will play in the B-group next year. Instead, Estonia will play in the A-group when the next World Championships 2020 is played in Russian Irkutsk.

Goals in the game:
1-0 Michael Dunaev (3 mins)
1-1 Alexander Cras (9)
2-1 Own goal (10)
2-2 Sverre Tveitan (12)
2-3 Alexander Cras (13)
3-3 Johan Koch (14)
4-3 Own goal (31)
4-4 Twan Stallion (45)
5-4 Johan Koch (56)
6-4 Jonathan Wang-Norderud (48)
6-5 Alexander Cras (51)
7-5 Alexander Kuznetsov (52)
8-5 Johan Kock (64) Penalty stroke
9-5 Own goal (69)
10-5 Own goal (71)
11-5 Alexander Kuznetsov (79)
12-5 Valentin Wang-Norderud (87)
12-6 Twan Stallion (91


Finland won the qualifying game against USA as expected. But USA did a good game and made it according to their match plan. Finland won the game 10-1 after 5-0 in half time. Now Finland is facing Russia for the second time in a couple of days. The last game was very exciting and with a little more fluency in the crucial positions, the blue-white team could very well have defeated the world champions.

For USA, it now means placement game against Norway to become fifth or sixth in the Tournament.

Goals in tonights game:

1-0 Markus Kumpuoja (4 mins)
2-0 Mikko Lukkarila (7)
3-0 Juho Liukkonen (14)
4-0 Mikko Lukkarila (41)
5-0 Tuomas Määttä (46)
6-0 Jimi Heinonen (53)
7-0 Mikko Lukkarila (55)
8-0 Tommi Määttä (60)
8-1 Tom Sawatske (67)
9-1 Tuomas Määttä (70)
10-1 Jimi Heinonen (72)


Kazakhstan became the third nation to the semi-finals on Friday, February 1. Kazakhstan beat Norway in a match that was very even. During the first half, Norway was the strongest team and looked like winner. But in the second half Kazakhstan took over the game and managed to score their chances while Norway lost the grip on the game. The game was also destroyed by lots of penalties, especially in the second half. A total of 160 minutes of penalties were awarded.

0-1 Felix Callander (27 mins)
1-1 Rauan Issaliyev (44)
2-1 Rauan Issaliyev (64) Penalty stroke
3-1 Evgenii Shadrin (84)
4-1 Iskander Nugmanov (89)

Photo: Iskander Nugmanov scores 4-1 by penalty shot



Here’s the teams petition:

«The players on the 1980 USA Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team strongly support that Bandy becomes a Winter Olympic sport. We all know about Bandy and some of us have even played it, including Eric Strobel on the US National Bandy Team and Steve Christoff in the United States Elite League. The origins of many of the hockey teams we competed against in Lake Placid, especially The Soviet Union, come from Bandy. Bandy, the only other team ice sport on skates, should be a Winter Olympic sport»

The «Miracle on Ice» is generally accepted as the most spectacular achievement i Winter Olympic History. The very young American college skaters won the semi finals over the USSR – filled with seasoned superstars. The USSR team was the best ice hockey team ever assembled. Hollywood soon produced films. The film «Miracle» from 2004 use the star’s sons as a skating actor. Eric Strobel and Steve Christoff skated bandy. Eric Strobel impressed the Swedish bandy Club Villa Lidköping and offered him a contract. The legacy is that everything is possible. It will last forever and an inspiration for all to never give up. The legacy value for the bandy: New Bandy nations can excel in bandy. Despite the overwhelming strength and star filled teams of incumbent bandy nations.

Join the stars by signing the petition at:


The Chinese Women’s professional ice hockey team, The Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays, strongly support that the team ice sport of Bandy becomes a Winter Olympic Sport! The Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays play in the CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League).


The Minnesota Whitecaps professional women’s hockey team strongly supports that Bandy become a Winter Olympic Sport. All our players are very familiar with the magnificent sport of Bandy and many have played Bandy. This includes Whitecaps players, past and present, who have played for the USA Women’s National Bandy Team.

The Whitecaps play in the NWHL (National Women’s Hockey League)

USA to qualifying game after penalty strokes!

The last game in Group A Pool B was a really exciting game! The standing was 7-7 after regular playing times.

USA made both 1-0 and 2-0 after only 11 minutes in first half. But then Germany went up to a big lead with 6-2 after 10 minutes into the second half and it looked like USA would lose the game. But after 78 minutes it was 6-6 and very exciting. Both teams made one more goal and the game ended up with 7-7!

USA won penalty strokes after regular playing time and will play qualifying game for semi-finals against the team on third place in Pool A. Germany will play Netherlands in placement game for places 7-8.

Scorers during regular playing time:
1-0 Mikael Lickteig (1 min)
2-0 Michael Fabie (12)
2-1 Michael Dunaev (22)
2-2 Michael Dunaev (37)
2-3 Johan Koch (40)
2-4 Johan Koch (42)
2-5 Alexander Kuznetsov (47)
2-6 Johan Koch (55)
3-6 Kevin Brown (65)
4-6 Michael Fabie (68)
5-6 Daren Richardson (69)
6-6 Daren Richardson (78)
7-6 Alexander Zitouni (81)
7-7 Michael Dunaev (82)