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Now all participating teams are registered and ready for the upcoming World Championships. The tournaments we have ahead of us are:

  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MEN GROUP A – Syktyvkar, Russia – March 27-April 3
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WOMEN – Åby, Sweden – March 23-27
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Y17 GIRLS – Lidköping – March 11-13
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Y17 BOYS – Kemerovo, Russia – March 24-26
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Y19 BOYS – Katrineholm, Sweden – April 1-4

Read more about the tournaments on each Tournament site from the Menu “TOURNAMENTS SEASON 2021-2022”

The Arena Baikal construction on schedule!

In March 2020 the World Championships Men will take place in the new “Arena Baikal”. The installation of the load-bearing wooden arches is planned to be completed in the end of August. There will be 12 arches mounted.  Now the constructor is drawing up a work plan for the water supply, sewerage and electricity networks, and ensuring control over the allocation of arena funding at the expense of the regional budget. The construction project is set to open the Arena Baikal in time for the tournament.

Agreement signed for World Cup!

FIB General Secretary Bo Nyman and Club Manager in SAIK Rafi Markarian shook hands after the agreement was signed.

The agreement for World Cup Men 2019 between Federation of International Bandy and SAIK Bandy is now signed. FIB General Secretary Bo Nyman and SAIK Bandy Club Manager Rafi Markarian signed the agreement in Sandviken a few days ago. SAIK will organize the tournament October 10-13 and it will have 16 participating teams.

Invitations will soon be sent out to the 8 quarter final teams in the Swedish play offs and to the national federations in Russia, Finland and Norway. The invitation will include 4 Russian teams and 2 teams from Finland and 2 from Norway. If any team will decides not to participate another team from one of the four countries will be invited.

Last year 10 Swedish teams participated together with 4 Russian teams and 2 Finnish. Norway decided not to participate last year.