The tournament will be held at a later date than planned. Exact date is not decided yet. FIB decided to move the tournament from the original date March 27-29. It is an uncertain situation around the world due to the corona virus and it has caused many people’s concerns about travel and to have cross-border contacts. FIB wants to ensure the completion of the tournament and to calm the concerns of the participating teams and their relatives, supporters and officials as the spread of the virus has created. 


The city was founded in 1584 and became the first Russian port playing the major role in trade with Europe until the foundation of St. Petersburg in 1703. Since that, Arkhangelsk has been developing as a provincial city.  During the years of World War II, when Arkhangelsk was the key destination point for Allied sea convoys those helped Soviet Union to confront Hitler’s aggression Arkhangelsk became very important.

Arkhangelsk claims itself the capital of Russian North. This is a bit pretentious, but reasonable at least in matter of cultural life, which is very active comparing to most cities of the same size in Russia.

The economy of Arkhangelsk is based on timber trade and paper industry. The city has a large commercial and fishing port.

In 1925 the Northern Vodnik team was formed in Arkhangelsk. From this moment the history of the club is being kept. The organizer of the bandy team, the coach and first captain was Evgeny Aleksandrovich Duletov. Vodnik is one of the really big teams in the Russian bandy history. 2005 was the year of Vodniks 80th anniversary and Vodnik became the champion of Russia for the ninth time. That is the latest gold in Russia for the club.

Trud Stadium opened in 1973 as an outdoor arena and its audience capacity is 10 000 people

Trud Stadium, Arkhangelsk

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