2020 Youth Olympic Games was arranged in Lausanne, Switzerland, January 9-22.

Since there are Olympic competitions there were a lot of different sports on the program.
Everything from cross-country skiing and downhill skiing to curling and ice hockey.
 Official website here

Bandy was represented in the form of Rinkbandy.

Children from primary schools tried Rinkbandy on Friday, January 17. The kids had a lot of fun despite the rain on Friday afternoon. They had never seen a bandy ball and club, but they mastered the ball and club very quickly. Two school classes were registered with a total of 41 pupils, as well as one teacher on the ice. Swiss Bandy were instructors. The public in Laussanne was shown rink bandy on Saturday, January 18,  and also had the opportunity to try out.

Tor Audun Sørensen (FIB Technical Committee), Journalist Philip Barker and Knut A. Sørensen (FIB Olympic Committe). 


Philip Barker from “Inside the games” is a freelance journalist, has been on the editorial team of the Journal of Olympic History and is credited with having transformed the publication into one of the most respected historical publications on the history of the Olympic Games. He reported from Lausanne and wrote about the endeavor the sport of bandy has for participating in the Olympics.

Read the article HERE!


Photographer for all the images below: Tor Audun Sørensen

The pictures below from Showgame between two Swiss teams in the city center of Lausanne!

“What’s going on here?”

Swiss Bandy officials in Youth Olympic Games.

Youth Olympic Medal Place where the rink bandy was shown during two days.

The tent next to the plastic rink. It was crowded when everyone wanted to borrow bandy equipment and watch the video about bandy

The bandy activities during the 2020 Youth Olympics were arranged
in collaboration between FIB and Swiss Bandy.

Pierre Roos, Swiss Bandy, Knut A. Sørensen, FIB Olympic Committee and Stig Bertilsson, FIB Vice President.


Watch video about the magnificent sport of Bandy. It was shown on big screen in city center of Lausanne on January 17-18.


Read interesting report from Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, 2016. Bandy had many activities at Gjøvik Stadium for 5-600 school children and exhibition game, Boys 17 Norway-Sweden.


The folder was printed and distributed in
the Flon Center in Lausanne, January 17-18

A cross between icehockey,
soccer and field hockey!

From left: Tor Audun Sørensen, FIB Technical Committee, Anders Sjöberg, Swiss Bandy, Thierry Page, Swiss Bandy, Steven Ray, Swiss Bandy and Knut A. Sørensen, FIB Olympic Committee


In 2019, the IOC has approved that Rinkbandy was with the Youth Olympics 2020 under the cultural program (Lausanne en Jeux), as in 2016 at Lillehammer. The FISU (The Universiade) headquartered in Lausanne was oriented and aware of the bandy’s participation in the 2020 Youth Olympics and comes to visit. FIB was officially “Recognized” by the IOC in 2004 with the sports Bandy and Rinkbandy.

Tournament news

Indoor games in Hamar, Norway!


The indoor arena Vikingskipet in Hamar, Norway is being prepared for a good period of training and games for the Norwegian clubs. The bandy season 2020/2021 will of course not be like other seasons. The training period is completely different […]

Super League starts November 7


The Russian Bandy Federation has decided the schedule for the first 8 rounds of Super League 2020-2021. Those rounds will be played from November 7 to December 1. The schedule November 7-December 1 The decision is built on certain conditions: […]



A decision will soon be made regarding the implementation of the planned World Cup tournament in Krasnoyarsk December 17-20. The decision will be published here on the FIB Website on November 1. The decision will of course be made on […]

World Championship 2020 cancelled!


The Federation of International Bandy regretfully announces cancellation of the 2020 Men’s Bandy Championship Group A in Irkutsk, Russia, due to the Covid19 pandemic! The Championship was scheduled to take place at the Baikal Ice Palace October 5-11 this year. […]

Arena Baikal – A pearl for sports!


ENJOY VIDEO OF “ICE PALACE BAIKAL” – The multi sport arena!  Summary in English of the video content: The impressive stadium “Baikal” in Irkutsk is already becoming the center of world sports. It can accommodate up to 6 thousand spectators […]

SAIK Bandy first to the World Cup!


Sandvikens AIK, the elite club in Sweden, arranged the FIB World Cup for the past 11 years. The tournament was born in Swedish Ljusdal as a round-the-clock tournament back in 1974 and later the tournament was promoted to the World […]

Swedish bandy annual meeting completed!


The Swedish Bandy Association has held its annual meeting this weekend. The current chairman, Per-Anders Gustafsson, was re-elected. In addition to Gustafsson, the board consists of Jesper Kärrbrink, Anne Holopainen, Johanna Pettersson, Arne Anderstedt, Tiina Vesala, Henrik Nilsson, Elin Ivarsson […]



FIB is working intensively right now to be able to carry out the season’s planned international tournaments. FIB is doing everything possible to carry out World Championship Group A in Irkutsk, Russia as planned. As is well known, the tournament […]



July 15 is the birthday of Boris Skrynnik, the president of the Federation of International Bandy! He is also the president of Russian Bandy Federation. Mr Skrynnik has been working for the Russian bandy for many years. He started in […]



European Championship in Rinkbandy has been arranged five times so far. Now the 6th championship is being held in Slovakia 2020. Exact date and location will be announced in the nearest future, but the plan is to arrange the tournament […]

FIB has been hit by spam mail!


WARNING! Federation of International Bandy, FIB, has been hit by a fake so-called spam email. The letter have been sent to various members of the FIB. The mail appears to be signed by FIB President. But Boris Skrynnik or other […]



The Federation of International Bandy has now decided to hold this year’s World Championship for the 8 best bandy nations in the World in Irkutsk, Russia, October 5-11. The tournament was postponed this spring due to the corona pandemic but […]



FIB has now decided that the World Cup for the club teams for men will be held in Krasnoyarsk this coming winter. The World Cup has been held in Sandviken, Sweden since 2009 but the tournament’s next place will be […]



Now the first two tournaments for club teams for the 2020-2021 season have been decided. It’s the World Cup for Women and the World Cup for Girls Y17. The Women’s World Cup will be played in Åby in Växjö city, […]

Ryazantsev joins SKA Neftyanik again!


Pavel Ryazantsev returns to Russian bandy and SKA Neftyanik in Khabarovsk after only one season in the Swedish elite club AIK. The Swedish bandysite Bandypuls reports. Ryazantsev became the best scorer in AIK in the team’s first season in Elitserien. […]

Landström first Swede in Baikal Energy!


The Swedish forward Martin Landström, has played the last seasons for Västerås SK in the Swedish Elitserien. Last season he played 29 games, scored 22 goals and made 25 assists. Martin also played in the 3- and 4-nations tournament for […]

Klim Tarasenko joins Hammarby!


Midfielder Klim Tarasenko moves from Kuzbass in Kemerovo to Hammarby in Stockholm. Tarasenko, born 1995, joined Kuzbass in 2016 and he played 121 matches in the championships of Russia and earned 6 goals and 26 assists last season in 28 […]

Swedish exchange in Krasnoyarsk!


Right now, many player transfers are underway, both internationally and nationally. Here at the FIB Website we of course have an international perspective and report on player transfers across national borders. Yenisei, Krasnoyarsk, now gets a Swedish exchange. Yenisei loses […]

FIB Executive Committee elected!


Boris Skrynnik is re-elected as President of Federation of International Bandy for 4 new years. Mr Skrynnik has been President since 2005. -I want to express my appreciation and want to thank the FIB national member federations for continued shown […]

Erik Pettersson leaves SKA Neftyanik!


The top goal scorer in the Russian Super League, Erik Pettersson with 70 goals last season, leaves SKA Neftyanik and moves home to Sweden. Erik has played in Khabarovsk for the past two seasons after spending a year in Yenisei. […]

Sveshnikov, Lindquist and Määttä joins SKA Neftyanik!


The legendary Mikhail Sveshnikov now ends his career as a player and begins a coaching career for the Russian champion team SKA Neftyanik in Khabarovsk. Misha is one of the very best players in the history of bandy. He has […]

Federation of International Bandy has grief!


The Federation of International Bandy and the Swedish Bandy Federation have grief. Today, March 25, we have been informed that former long-time chairman of both the Swedish Bandy Federation’s and the Federation of International Bandy’s Rules and Referee’s committee, Per-Erik […]

Edsbyns IF new Swedish champion!


Edsbyns IF became Swedish bandy champion after a big final victory against the reigning champion Villa Lidköping at Studenternas Arena in Uppsala. Due to the spread of the corona virus, the final was played before empty stands. The victory turned […]

Västerås SK champion for women in Sweden!


Västerås SK became Swedish champion for women when the final was decided at Studenternas Arena in Uppsala on Saturday, March 21. Due to the spread of the corona virus, the final was played before empty stands. The final was decided […]

The Russian final postponed!


The Russian Bandy Federation has decided to postpone the final game of the Russian Championship, according to the Federation’s website. The final between Dynamo Moscow and SKA Neftyanik, that was supposed to be played on Saturday, March 21, will be […]

Russia World Champion Boys Y17!


Russia became World Champion for Boys Y17 in Lidköping, Sweden. In the final, Russia won by 7-2 against Sweden. It was very well deserved guys from Russia who won the final. The team dominated the match from start to finish […]

Akilles champion in Finland!


Due to the spread of the corona virus, the final was played without any spectators in Porvoo Saturday, March 14. Akilles was the best team throughout the game and won fairly. The goals in the final: 1-0 Andreas Flinck 2-0 […]

Tournament Boys Y15 is moved!


The World Championship Boys Y15 will be moved to a later date than planned. The tournament would have been played in Arkhangelsk, Russia, March 27-29. It will now be played at a later date for the same reason as the […]

Approvals for World Cup men and World Championship 2022!


FIB Technical Committee has approved that the World Cup for men’s club teams will be played in Russia this coming season. As a way to further develop the tournament, it will be played alternately in Russia and Sweden every two […]

World Championship moves to October!


FIB has today, March 11, decided to move the World Championship Group A, which would have been played in Irkutsk, Russia March 29-April 5. Instead, the tournament will be played in October this year at the same venue, the newly […]

Wiipurin Sudet Champion in Finland!


Wiipurin Sudet once again the Champion in Finland! Wiipurin Sudet from Lappeenranta won the seventh consecutive Finnish Championship in the final game played in Helsinki March 1. In the semi-final Wiipurin Sudet won Vastus 16-0 and Kampparit won the second […]

Hungary won World Championship Group B


Hungary took home the victory in the World Championship Group B in Irkutsk, Russia. Hungary defeated Ukraine in the final which was played on Friday, March 6. Hungary won a fairly comfortable 4-1 victory. It should be borne in mind […]

Abdirahmaan’s 15 minutes of fame!


No, it was actually 17 minutes and 25 seconds that Abdirahmaan Mohamed Barkhadle was in the limelight when he scored Somalia’s first goal in the World Championship tournament. He scored 1-0 for his team in the final game of the […]

Time for the finals!


Time for the the final games of the World Championship Group B in Irkutsk, Russia. Four teams have proven to be the best. In the semi finals Hungary beat Slovakia 5-0 and Mongolia lost against Ukraine 1-3. That’s why Hungary […]

FIB President on the development on bandy!


The Federation of International Bandy is in a very active and exciting period. We recently experienced Women’s World Championships in Oslo. Right now the World Championship Group B for men is in progress, the play offs in the national leagues […]

Putin sent greetings to all participants and guests in Irkutsk!


Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a greeting to the participants and guests of the World Championships in Bandy! (As you know, in Russia the sport is called ball hockey)   “Dear friends! I greet you and congratulate you on the […]

Mongolia and Hungary most succesfull!


Mongolia and Hungary are the most successful teams so far in the World Championships Group B. Mongolia has won all three matches in Pool B. It started with a big win against Somalia with 10-0 and continued with 4-0 against […]

The focus is development!


FIB has a clear focus on developing the bandy in several different areas. How can the federation contribute to the bandy in countries with ambition to develop in a number of different areas? That is a key issue. Therefore, an […]

New world penalty record!


Many players in the bandy world have in their careers made a visit to the penalty bench, both time-limited and match penalties. But the question is whether or not Kristián Lukšo, defender in Slovakia, today Sunday March 1, entered the […]

Dennis Pacsay the fastest goal scorer in Irkutsk!


Hungarian midfielder Dennis Pacsay became the fastest goal scorer in the World Championship tournament Group B in Irkutsk. In the opening match against the Netherlands, he scored the first goal already after 4 minutes and 27 seconds into the first […]



All the work with building the new Bandy Palace in Irkutsk is being carried out on schedule , there are no critical lags. Installation of sports lighting, multimedia systems is nearing completion and in the near future, builders will be […]



Due to circumstances regarding Great Britains visa process and the excessive costs that this entailed the Great Britain Bandy Association has decided not to attend the World Championships B in Irkutsk. The game schedule for World Championship B has now […]



Sweden won the final of the Women’s World Championship in Oslo today, Sunday, February 22. It was Sweden’s ninth gold and the victory 3-1 after 1-0 at halftime. Russia had to settle for the silver medal in this tournament. Norway […]

Sweden to final in Oslo!


Sweden, as expected, became Russia’s opponent in the final of the women’s World Championship. Finland did not become a tough opponent in the wind in Oslo. Now it will be the big favorites Sweden and Russia that meet in the […]

Russia first team to final in Women WCS in Oslo!


Russia became the first team to final in Women’s World Championship in Oslo. Russia beat Norway in the first semi final on Friday. The victory was 4-0 and there was never any doubt as which team would go to the […]

Sweden unbeaten before semi finals in WCS!


The World Championships for Women in Oslo, Norway, is now ready for play offs and semi finals. Sweden won Group A after four victories and Russia came on second place. To the semi finals also Norway and Finland. USA had […]



TO FIB MEMBER NATIONAL FEDERATIONS Federation of lnternational Bandy will have it’s Annual Congress during World Championship for Men, A-group, in lrkutsk, Russia. World Championship for Men, A-Group, will be held during March 29 – April 05, 2020. The Annual […]



The International Bandy Federation was founded on February 12, 1955 during the Congress in Stockholm. This Wednesday, February 12, Federation of International Bandy turns 65!  That is an age where many people leave professional life and retire. But FIB is […]



Journalists and photographers who wants to cover the World Championships for Men in Irkutsk has to apply for accreditation. You can do that via this link to the organizers in Irkutsk. NOTE – Apply for accreditations for Group B are […]

China withdraws from both World Championships!


China’s Bandy Federation has now announced that both the Chinese teams, men and women, will withdraw from the Bandy World Championships. The Chinese teams would have played in the World Championships in Oslo for women, February 19-22, and for men […]


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